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When life seems out of control, finding something to laugh at can really be therapeutic. When staunch Republican President Ronald Reagan, was shot in the chest by a potential assassin, he was cracking jokes all the way to the hospital. When they wheeled him into the operating room he asked his doctors: "I sure hope you guys are not democrats."

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Book Review: This Week's Choice:
Honey, Hush! : An Anthology of African American Women's Humor
This massive (nearly 700 pages) anthology offers a fascinating survey of black women's humor, compiled from folk sources, the blues, and poetry, fiction, anecdotal recollections, and routines by such comedians as the late Jackie "Moms" Mabley.  Enter with an open mind and a willingness to laugh, however, and you'll be sure to have fun. 

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Just for the heck of it.  

Vote for the best reason why farm trucks are not stoooolen? 
Only the owner knows how to operate the door to get in or out.
It takes too long to start, and the smoke coming up through the rusted-out floorboard clouds your vision.
They're too easy to spot. The description might go something like this: The driver's side door is red, the passenger side door is green, the right front fender is yellow, etc.
Who wants to steal a truck that needs a year's worth of maintenance, u-joints, $3,000 in body work, tail-lights and windshield?
It is hard to commit a crime with everyone waving at you.