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Psychiatric Case Histories

Psychiatric Case Histories



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Written in an easy to understand story format, these are case histories of psychiatric patients contributed by physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers and patients themselves, the World over. 

We hope that these true stories will go a long distance in raising the level of awareness and insight regarding psychiatric ailment and will help us to be more understanding towards the patients and empathetic towards their family members.

To maintain anonymity, the names, addresses and employing firms of the patients have been changed.


Gems and the ISI  

"I will set up a global gems export company and solve India's foreign exchange problem"



"They" were using some kind of invisible rays, laughing all the time and making obscene comments as they sent electricity into her genitalia and tried to get her sexually excited.


The Exhibitionist 

Exposure was usually to a woman in her car while driving his car, a technically difficult feat fraught with danger.


Live to eat 

By now , in what she thought of as a "food trace," Nancy piled her plate with bread, onto which she smeared some unidentifiable spread. Though the food tasted like mud, Nancy kept eating.


The Frotteurist 

He would then select a woman with large buttocks and tight-fitting clothes. After entering the train, pressed to her, he would fantasize a sexual experience with her as he pushed his penis against her buttocks.



Eventually  he ended up spending more then an hour under the shower. When asked about it, Jens told his parents that he felt as if he were being contaminated by a popular women's magazine.