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Sexual Perversions 



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The Frotteurist

               Dick had been a frotteurer for 10 years when   seen at the age 45. His usual pattern was first to decide at the home if he had time to carry out frottage while on his way to work. He would then place plastic wrap around his penis while dressing, anticipating that when he ejaculated, the ejaculate would not show through his suit pants. To increase the likelihood of crowding, he would stand in the middle of the subway   platform with most passengers waiting to board. He would then select a woman with large buttocks and tight-fitting clothes. After entering the train, pressed to her, he would fantasize a sexual experience with her as he pushed his penis against her buttocks .On   40 percent of occasions, he would ejaculate and go on to work. If he did not ejaculate, he would continue the cycle with a new victim until he ran out of time or was able to ejaculate. By the time he was seen, he had been arrested twice but had carried out frottage on more than a thousand separate occasions.

                Referral for treatment was precipitated by his arrest. His guilt following each commission of frottage was usually high, but it was now accompanied by great anxiety as he anticipated that others at work would learn of his deviant behavior and that he would be fired from his white collar job.