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Let us try dismantling HABIT.
  • When we cross out the H, A BIT stays.
  • When we cross out the A, BIT still stays.
  • Even when we cross out the B, IT stays!!!!!
  • Only when we can hold our patience till the second last letter I, are we able to dismantle HABIT.

Let us remember that the habits that we possess have grown with us and we have nurtured them over long periods of time, that is why they are HABITS. Thus when we make up our minds to caste our old addictions, we cannot expect miracles. And if we do, we are only fooling ourselves. But habits can be shed, all it needs is a bit of will, patience, and faith in ones ability to free ones mind from the bondage of ones bodily instincts, instincts created by practice, by none other than one's own self.

If you have the will, we have the ways. 

Break Free is our section on Deaddictions. We sincerely hope the following article series will help you unlearn the process which you have nurtured so long.