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The Swordtail
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The Pretty Tetra

A Live Torpedo
The Congo Tetra
The Harlequin Fish
The Queensland Rainbow
The Dwarf Gurami
The Black Ruby
The Sumatran Tiger Barb
The Angel Fish
The Discus Fish
The Black Line Red Tail Pencil
The Cleverest Fish
The Rudder Fish
The Jewel Fish
The Egg Protector


A Live Torpedo


All quiet in the water, not a fish to be seen. And suddenly a striped fish flashes up as though it were a Torpedo. It has gone for a piece of food. As soon as it catches sight of something to eat, it bursts forward as though it has been fired from a catapult, in a little jerk, and advances in similar jerks until it gets to the food. But when it is full it swims quietly among the water-weeds, only its fins fluttering.