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A Live Torpedo
The Congo Tetra
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The Sumatran Tiger Barb
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The Black Line Red Tail Pencil
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The Rudder Fish
The Jewel Fish
The Egg Protector


The Glass Fish

This fish is so transparent that you can even see his skeleton. He is hard to make out in the water, and when he gets into the weeds he disappears completely. A sharp-toothed enemy will swim past and be completely puzzled, for there is a floating skeleton, but no fish to be seen! It decides that this must be a fish that somebody else has already eaten. The predator glances at the skeleton and swims straight past. And this is just what the Glass Fish has been waiting for, he ruffles out his fins, wags his tail and swims away to find a worm for his dinner. This is no easy task in the river, as opposed to the aquarium where live worms are fed in from above.