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The Swordtail
Multicolored Shoal
Black Molly
Golden Gourami
Pearl Gourami
The Fighting Fish
Glass Fish
The Mysterious Fish
The Traveling Fish
The Neon Tetra
The Cardinal Tetra
The Cat Fish
The Diamond Fish
The Emperor Tetra
The Lemon Tetra
The Pretty Tetra

A Live Torpedo
The Congo Tetra
The Harlequin Fish
The Queensland Rainbow
The Dwarf Gurami
The Black Ruby
The Sumatran Tiger Barb
The Angel Fish
The Discus Fish
The Black Line Red Tail Pencil
The Cleverest Fish
The Rudder Fish
The Jewel Fish
The Egg Protector


Fighting Fish

Fighting Fish are very bright in colour.They come in all colours, red, blue or green, and they are called Fighting Fish because they are so aggressive. They cannot meet without a fight. They attack and try to bite one another, tearing each other's fins to shreds. But this is no disaster, for the fins grow back again: the only thing that is seriously hurt is their pride before the other fish.