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The Swordtail
Multicolored Shoal
Black Molly
Golden Gourami
Pearl Gourami
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The Traveling Fish
The Neon Tetra
The Cardinal Tetra
The Cat Fish
The Diamond Fish
The Emperor Tetra
The Lemon Tetra
The Pretty Tetra

A Live Torpedo
The Congo Tetra
The Harlequin Fish
The Queensland Rainbow
The Dwarf Gurami
The Black Ruby
The Sumatran Tiger Barb
The Angel Fish
The Discus Fish
The Black Line Red Tail Pencil
The Cleverest Fish
The Rudder Fish
The Jewel Fish
The Egg Protector


Underwater Coachmen


These fish are also flat, and they are round like pancakes. They are called Discuss Fish. Discuss fish are excellent parents. While there young are still bad swimmers, they help them along. For this purpose the young have special threads to attach them to the parents body. When the female is tired of carrying them, she swims up to the male and shakes them off. The young transfer to his body at once, as though to say "Your turn now!"