History of the Date

The Julian Calendar
A detailed article for the serious reader.

New Year Resolutions
The Road to Success

Still haven't selected your new year's resolutions, Browse through our collection
and select them now...

Post Your Resolutions
Let the World to know what you plan to do in 2006.

Multilingual New Year
Have fun browsing through the ways New Year is wished around the World

New Year Celebrations
Round the Globe

'Auld Lang Syne'
The complete story with
lyrics and music

Calendar Store

 Gift Ideas for the New Year

Customs and Traditions
All that you wanted to know about the origins of these...

Tradition of Gifts
From the Romans to the Celts

Party Ideas
Detailed plans from invitations to the midnight cacophony.

Party Games for Kids

Party Games for Adults

Recipes to spice
up your Party

Toasts for the Party

New Year Celebrations
on your PC
Desktop Themes

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Touch your friends, loved ones, net pals, colleagues
with hilarious groovy
E Cards
for 2006
You can send in advance as well

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Quotes on Time

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