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New Year Desktop Themes

New Years Eve (Holidays / 914 Kb) - Looks like the New Years Eve Fairy is having a great time, sound from Auld Lang Syne, includes fun puzzle and Logo scrrens, hotbar ands screensaver are available
New Years Pet Theme (8 wallpapers) (Holidays / 1008 Kb) - There are 8 wallpapers,(1 each tophat and party hat) 2/Dog, 2/Cat, 2/Inguana,& 2/Turtle pointers, sounds(startup & shutdown-MPEG3), and icons in the New Year's Pet Theme.
New Years (4 wallpapers) (Holidays / 931 Kb) - There are 4 wallpapers(3 non-alcoholic sparking juices), pointers, sounds (startup & shutdown-MPEG3), and icons in the New Years Theme.
New Years Clock (Holidays / 936 Kb) - A New Years celebration as the clock strikes twelve surrounded by confetti. Desktop theme available separately.
2002 New Year Theme (Holidays / 4024339 Kb) - Ringing in the new year with champagne and balloons. This theme has the screen saver and system logos, also there is a winamp skin and hot bar
A New Year (Holidays / 927 Kb) - Celebrate with fireworks, champagne and Auld Lang Syne. Startup/Shutdown screens. Internet Explorer Hotbar skin. Easy install. Happy New Year!
New Year 2000 (Holidays / 14580 Kb) - A New Years theme with a festive background, animated cursors, icons, great sounds, start up and shutdown screens, and a screensaver.
Happy New Year! (Holidays / 1052 Kb) - It was bound to happen...amidst all this Christmas fun, here comes the inevitable...the New Year -- the NEW MILLENIUM! Fun sounds, cursors and icons.
What Are You Doing New Years Eve? (Holidays / 724 Kb) - Two shimmering golden champagne glasses resting on golden streamers and confetti while lights sparkle wait for festivities to begin. The complete song by Sonny Til & The Orioles is included in the zip file. Matching ICQ and WinAmp skins are available.
New Years (Holidays / 653 Kb) - I got tired of looking for a New Years Theme, so I made one.This is the first desktop theme I have made.I think it\s great.It includes A nice wallpaper, sounds,icons,cursors,logos,and a screensaver.I hope you enjoy it...
New Years 1 (Holidays / 713 Kb) - Artistic and festive champagne bottle and glasses for a Happy New Years theme. Includes startup and shutdown screens.
New Years 2 (Holidays / 444 Kb) - A neon champagne bottle and glasses welcoming the New Year. Includes startup and shutdown screens.
New Years 3 (Holidays / 626 Kb) - A Victorian New Years theme. Includes startup and shutdown screens.
New Years 4 (Holidays / 579 Kb) - Modern illustration of a New Years party scene. Includes startup and shutdown screens.
A Retro New Year (Holidays / 1471 Kb) - Celebrate in Roaring Twenties style with champagne and the Charleston. Wallpaper in 800, 1024, 1152 sizes. Logos, webviews, screen saver. Graphic by Original Look. Easy install.
New Year\s (Holidays / 580 Kb) - Father time wishing you a Happy New Year\s. Logos included.
Happy New Year To You (Holidays / 1186 Kb) - Party time with Auld Lang Syne. Three sizes, logos, Hotbar, screen saver. Graphic by Lori`s Background Boutique. Easy install.
ts_Happy New Year (Holidays / 906 Kb) - I guess this guy had a little too much partying, includes Logo screens, hotbar available
Jasmin the New Years Eve Dog (Holidays / 11 Kb) - Jasmin is the toast of the town and wishes everyone a Happy New Year!
Happy New Year (Miscellaneous / 1.46 Kb) - Happy New Year :O) Cont. a compl.song by C.Dion,ani cursors & three logos.Also has a matching screensaver & Hotbar.
New Year~Patriotic 2002 (Holidays / 1244 Kb) - Hapy New year 2002 Patriotic US style!
New Year Celebration (Holidays / 2.14 Kb) - With matching icons cursors colors font logos webviews and Auld Lang Syne Glenn Miller style your computer will have a new year celebration all on its own! Get the matching saver to celebrate the night away.
My New Year Wish (Holidays / 1453 Kb) - If my wishes could come true, peace and joy Id send to you. A world of freedom, laughter and love, a place of dreams sent from above. 800 and 1024 wallpapers, matching logos, animated cursors and screensaver.
Happy New Year America (Holidays / 1624 Kb) - Celebrate the New Year with this Patriotic New Year Theme. Custom wallpaper, icons, cursors, and sounds. Music Auld Lang Syne.