A walk down the Ages

History, Legend & Mythical Origins of Holidays

Christmas Down the Ages

complete with History, Legends, Myths and Origins of Famous Symbols

Mardi Gras
Origins of Mardi Gras

Valentine's Day
History of The Valentine

The Feast of Lubercus

Down The Ages

The Day the Birds began to Mate

The Story of St. Valentine

Cupid- The Evergreen Symbol of Valentine Day

St. Patrick's Day
History Of St Patrick's Day

The History of Easter

The Resurrection

Mother's Day
Roman Roots & English Customs

Mother's Day in the US

Memorial Day
Origins of Memorial Day

Landmarks of US Military History

The Wars we fought

2000 years of Halloween History
Evolution of Trick or Treat
Mythical Origins of Jack O Lantern

History and Origin
of Thanksgiving in America
 The Making of an 
American National Holiday
Harvest Celebrations in
Ancient Cultures

History and Origin of Canadian Thanksgiving

of Hanukkah
Jewish History Timeline
During Second Temple Era
The Tradition of Menorah
The significance of Dreidel

Flag Day
Origin of Flag Day

13 Stars to 50 - Timeline

Father's Day
History of Father' s Day
History of the Necktie

4th of July
History of the 4th of July

The Struggle for Independence - Timeline

Labor Day
History of Labor Day

Peter McGuire's
Early Life and his Contributions to the Origin of Labor Day
Knights of Labor
The first labor organization to challenge industry on its own grounds


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