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Ethereal Friends is a dedication to a sect of lesser mortals of the living human world, a sect whose members have been christened schizophrenics by psychiatrists, and wandering lunatics by the common man.

Ethereal Friends

The Storm rages on within

The neural chaos makes his body creak,

And all the while, the effigy of his mind

Burns in silence and solitude.

Broken only by the reverberations

Of his ethereal friends.


The joys of beauty, the pathos of the World,

Has no meaning to this forlorn figure,

Only time lies witness to a forgotten past,

Thus lost in agonizing peace, he remains

With his ethereal friends.


But unlike his friends, he is real!

Then why does this piece of breathing flesh

Not generate any empathy?

Why every time do we subtly deconstruct,

Homogenising him with the surreal world

Of his ethereal friends?


Only palpable within is the fear he generates,

While impalpable lie the stones and thorns

That ages of children have gifted him with.

Thus even today with hated love, he remains

With his ethereal friends.

                                                            Manaan Kar Ray

Post Scriptum: Ethereal friends refers to Auditory Hallucinations (Non-existent voices heard by the patient only), a major symptom of Schizophrenia during the active phase of the illness.



In an age where Countries and Governments swear by equality, at least on pen and paper, there exists a sect of individuals, suffering from psychiatric ailments who are not even considered worthwhile to look down upon. This sheer disregard for ailing human life cuts across creeds, cultures, borders, religions and the like.

Let us be true to ourselves and recapitulate how many times we have seen a wandering lunatic (pardon use of this derogatory term), and he or she has failed to arouse empathy within. Regard if it comes for them comes mostly as ridicule. And of course at times there unpredictability engenders fear, finding expression in the two yards distance we maintain with them. 

The Science of Medicine has taken rapid strides in the field of Psychiatry. In fact it has explained most psychic events at the neurochemical level. But still the stigma of psychiatric ailment remains as strong and vivid as it used to be a few centuries ago.

From Cancer to AIDS every disease arouses emotions. But some how Psychiatric ailment which can and do reduce health beings to breathing corpses rarely generate any positive feelings. Perhaps this is befitting of an utilitarian society where ones worth is judged by ones productivity. And no wonder the World and its inhabitants have long maintained a cruel silence. Barring a whisper here and a whimper there, psychiatric patients have remained grossly faceless, friendless and voiceless. But surely someday, somehow, somewhere this silence will end. It will. It has to....

We at Twilight hope to change age old attitudes. At this space on the web you will get free access to articles pertaining not only to psychiatric illness but to all happenings which marginalise the weaker sections of our society. Through these we hope to construct an alternative discourse, an alternative paradigm between cause and effect.

We at Twilight Bridge believe in the power of human relationships. And its on these relationships that we are banking on for incorporation of the new discourse into common parlance. If and only if you believe in our cause we request you to personally forward Twilight Bridge to five of your friends and each in turn to five more. If we can do this with dedication then it will only be a matter of time, before we have a new communion of hearts and souls, a communion tolerant to one and all, a communion that speaks the language of love......

Too many of us see the world as it is and ask why so ?

Let us see the world as it may be and ask why not?