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Quit Smoking IndexTo Be or Not To Be

By now if you are still with us we presume that you have made up your mind not to be a nicholic any longer. Quitting smoking needs to be done in steps.  First, the smoker should strengthen his resolve as to why he wishes to quit. Personal motivation is a key predictor of success in quitting smoking, and keeping a personal "record" of that motivation helps many smokers quit. Consider all the plausible reasons, the health consequences, the social implications, the fact that he is totally controlled by his cigarettes, the expense and any other personal problems cigarettes have caused him.  Write them down in a pocket diary that you carry or on the back of a visiting card and insert it into your wallet where so long you had your sweetheart's snap (she will appreciate this more) or any other easily accessible place (where you previously used to keep your cigarettes). In the future when you  do get the thought of a cigarette and find yourself reaching for them, just a glance at those reasons shall provide the necessary ammunition to keep you from returning to smoking.  It also helps to write a letter to loved ones stating the reasons why smoking is so important that you choose to die early rather than be with them. This type of letter is especially powerful, because it helps make you feel selfish and foolish for continuing a habit that will surely harm you (and them), and offers some people the motivation to finally quit.

Identify your Motivation

  1. I will have the freedom to express my potential to the fullest.
  2. Once again I will swim the seven seas and the highest mountains will be within reach.
  3. I will regain control of my life and health.
  4. My children will be led by the best example possible.
  5. My family will no longer be tormented by the perils of second hand smoke.
  6. The money that I used to burn will fetch me my dream Mercedes or take me on my dream holiday to the Hawaii.
  7. This is no age to die a premature death due to a heart attack. No cigarettes for me please.
  8. My brother suffered a stroke and became a vegetable, I don't want to become the same.
  9. Dying is fine, but I cannot live to struggle for every breath. I choose to leave cigarettes rather than have emphysema.
  10. I have places to go and I don't want an ill timed lung cancer to consume me.
  11. The Doc said, "Either I can have my limbs or my cigarettes, I cant have both." I choose to have my limbs, no amputations for me please.
  12. The ulcers in my stomach will heal faster.
  13. I will have fewer colds or flu each year.
  14. I will climb stairs and walk without getting out of breath.
  15. I am sick of being called an "ashtray". Once I quit, I will have better smelling clothes, hair, breath, home, and car.
  16. I am fed up with the surprising regularity with which I burn holes into my clothes. If I don't quit some day I will burn down the entire house.
  17. More and more jobs are becoming only for smokers.
  18. I don't want to miss important scenes in a movie.
  19. In areas where smoking is strictly prohibited like planes, theatres and the like, I wont have to worry about whether I will get a chance to smoke or not.
  20. Its been ages since I have inhaledd earaches my children will have.
  21. I will have more energy to pursue physical activities I enjoy.
  22. We only live once and I am going to live it to the fullest.
  23. _________________________________________________
  24. _________________________________________________
  25. _________________________________________________
  26. _________________________________________________
  27. _________________________________________________

These are few of the oft quoted reasons. Take out a printout and tick the ones that apply to you. To this list add those that you think are very pertinent in your case. But beware, get your reasons right cause often I have seen people who have successfully gone through the pain of physical withdrawal, but then have slipped back into there addictions primarily due to a flawed motivation. Consider the following examples:  

"My husband can't stand it when I smoke - that is why I quit."

"My wife is trying to quit, so I will stop just to support her." 

"My kids get sick when I smoke in front of them.  They cough, sneeze, and nag me to death.  I quit for them." 

"My doctor told me not to smoke as long as I am his patient, so I quit to get him off my back."

All these people may have given up smoking, but they have done it for the wrong reason.  While they may have gotten through the initial withdrawal process, if they don't change their primary motivation for abstaining from smoking, they will inevitably relapse.  Contrary to popular belief, the important measure of success in smoking cessation is not getting off of cigarettes, but rather the ability to stay off.

Do not Quit for the Wrong Reasons

A smoker may quit temporarily for the sake of a significant other, but he will feel as if he is depriving himself of something he truly wants.  This feeling of deprivation will ultimately cause him to return to smoking.  All that has to happen is for the person who he quit for to do something wrong, or just disappoint him.  His response will be, "I deprived myself of my cigarettes for you and look how you pay me back!  I'll show you, I will take a cigarette!"  He will show them nothing.  He is the one who will return to smoking and suffer the consequences. He will either smoke until it kills him or have to quit again.  Neither alternative will be pleasant.

It is imperative for him to come to the realization that the primary benefactor in his giving up smoking is himself.  True, his family and friends will benefit, but he will feel happier, healthier, calmer and in control of his life.  This results in pride and a greatly improved self-esteem.  Instead of feeling deprived of cigarettes, he will feel good about himself and appreciative to have been able to break free from such a dirty, deadly, powerful addiction.

So, always keep in mind that you quit smoking for your own self.  Even if no one else offers praise or encouragement, pat yourself on the back for taking such good care of yourself.  Realize how good you are to yourself for having broken free from such a destructive addiction. Do not dwell on the idea that you are depriving yourself of a cigarette.  Be proud and work on developing the attitude that you are doing yourself a favor by not smoking.  

So the bottom line is get your reasons right. You are ridding yourself of a full fledged addiction because you care enough about yourself. Remember attitude is everything and holds the final key to success.


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