"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands-
one nation indivisible-with liberty and justice for all."

Salutations to the Flag on June 14th

I am the Flag
A Monologue

An Eye on History
The Flag Gallery

Origin of Flag Day


White, Red & Blue
The True Significance
Ode to the Flag
A Collection of Poems

Patriotic Midi collection

13 Stars to 50 - Timeline

Flag Trivia
Bet you don't know these...

Happy Flag Day
Reach Out with a Star Spangled Inspiring Free E Greetings

Flag Etiquetts
The Dos and Donts

Flag Folding
The Official Way

Display with Pride
Holidays on which the flag is meant to be displayed


Flag Day on your PC

Desktop Themes


Let the Patriot within you speak out on Flag Day

Flag Day Links

A Crafty Flag Day
Craft Ideas for the kids

State Flags

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