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Hop with the Rabbits

Soft and Tender Rabbits   

The Rabbit Web 
The purpose of the Rabbit Web, is to promote all uses of rabbits. Broadcasting to the world from Springfield, Missouri, USA.
House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide
House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit
PetNet Rabbit Page
Everything you need to know about keeping rabbits in Australia.


Florida Rabbits
Information about all breeds of rabbits and all aspects of keeping rabbits, from pet to show rabbits.
Rabbit Show 
Rabbit breeders directory, information on show and showing, and rabbit care.
Commercial Rabbit Industries 
An overview of various rabbit industries including the pros and cons of each of the industries available to the rabbit breeder and or potential breeder.
C & L Rabbitry 
Information for rabbit owners on the health, care and breeding of rabbits. Site offers links, Ontario and Canadian breeders list, show info and clipart. Located in Canada.
ShowBunny: Complete Rabbit Health and Care Information
comprehensive information about the rabbit, its breeds, care, health and diseases.
The Black Rabbit 
A guide for the care of house rabbits, a bunny contest, features a site and links and offers a list of names for your rabbit.
The Rabbit Web Classified Ads

Free classified ads for all breeds of rabbits and related items.
The Rabbit Hutch
A lot of rabbit information including, rabbit breeds, nutrition, rabbit care, awards and related links.
Mystic Elegance Rabbitry 
A variety of breeds including French Angoras, Satins, Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex, Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf. Excellent source for learning about genetics in Rabbits. Located in Minnesota.

Complete Rabbit info for the pet owner, breeder and exhibitor. Site hosts a breeder directory's, related rabbit links, pictures and free Petbunny email.
Largest breeder database for all breeds of rabbits, classified, links and related articles. Club and show information available. A site for all rabbit fanciers.
Welcome to the PRMA
A non-profit organization for the purpose of providing professional guidance, information, current news, advice and the exchanging of ideas on the rabbit meat industry.
The Pet Rabbit Web 
A comprehensive site about the pet rabbits and how to care for them.
Informational source for house rabbit pets including medical resources, care, adoption, over 200 links, rabbit behavior and much more.
Rabbits etc.
A useful and interesting site to learn how to care for rabbits as pets.

DebMark Rabbit Education Resource 
The purpose of this site is to educated people about raising rabbits from the basics to in depth. Site written by Dr. Mark Waldo.
PetsHub.com Rabbits 
General information about rabbits. Rabbit community items such as forums, greeting cards, a photo gallery and chat room.
UK Rabbit WWW Page
The UK rabbit page allows rabbit owners to communicate with others with similar interests. Subjects covered are keeping rabbits as a hobby, hints and tips on all aspects of rabbit keeping from house pets to showing.

Rabbits as Pets 
A short article by Ed Zapletal.
Mauer's Rabbit Farm 
An amazing amount of information about rabbits from a breeder.
How We Litter-Trained Our Rabbit
A informative story about litter training your rabbit.
Rabbit Trivia and Fun Facts
Some interesting trivia and facts about rabbits.

Rabbit Information Service
Provides information about rabbit care, rabbit diseases, and rabbit related issues.
Rabbit Mania
Breeds, feeding, proper toys, and housing are just a few of the topics on Rabbit Mania. Site offers rabbits for sale and rabbit show information.