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Cantor to Gallop - Lets take a ride.

Ponies and Horses

The International Museum of the Horse 
The largest and most comprehensive equestrian museum in the world.
Monty Roberts - The Man Who Listens To Horses 
Join-Up with Monty Roberts and learn how he starts horses to saddle, bridle, and rider without any fear or pain.
Information, photos, pictures, articles, and book reviews geared toward kids.
Equines of the World
Dedicated to helping abused horses, and to educating the public. Also, free classifieds, and forum.
Horse Mania 
An online interactive email newsletter for all ages about horses. A wide range of topics are covered and you can apply to write a column or even just submit things like stories, jokes etc.
The Hitching Post 
Online equine community discussion group. Open to horse enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines.

San Diego State University 
Anonymous ftp archive from the University directory; pub/equestrian.
White Arabian Presents the Horse 
Learn about their history, the different breeds and temperaments. Find out about different styles of riding and how you can care for your horse.