Thanksgiving dinner tastes even better when it's served on a cheery, personalized placemat. These are fun to make and terrific take-home treats (they're reusable), so write out your guest list and put the kids to work!

For each mat, they'll need 2 large (12" x 16") sheets of colored paper (tan and orange), about a 2' length of 16" clear self-stick plastic, plus assorted markers, fabric scraps and pieces of colored paper.

1. Cut tan paper in a half-circle about 16" wide and 12" high, and an orange version an inch smaller all around. Snip edges to form pointed borders and glue together as shown.

2. Cut turkey parts and pumpkin from cloth and paper, glue to mat, then decorate with markers.

3. Sandwich mat between 2 pieces of plastic, smooth carefully and cut away excess plastic, leaving an even edge.


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