Lacy Leaves

A pre-Thanksgiving to collect leaves to use as patterns is part of the appeal of this project. Scatter the graceful leaves around a pumpkin to create a seasonal centerpiece

What You Need: Golden leaves based on the real thing.
  • Real leaves (oak and maple leaves have wonderful shapes)
  • Window screen (available by the foot at hardware stores); approximately 6 square inches for each leaf you wish to make
  • Newspaper
  • Gold spray paint
  • White typing paper
  • Permanent black marker
  • Old scissors (cutting metal screening may dull your favorite scissors)
  • Gold, copper, or bronze paint pen (often used for fabric painting; available at fabric, discount, and crafts stores)


1. Collect your favorite fall leaves. Pick shapes that have some cleanly formed edges.

2. Cut and paint the window screen. Cut the screen a little larger than the leaf. Lay the screen on some newspaper and spray the screen gold. Let it dry and paint it on the other side. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

3. Transfer leaf shape onto screen. Lay the leaf on the piece of white paper and put the painted window screen over the leaf. Draw around the leaf with the permanent marker. Add the veins of the leaf with marker. (See Photo 1.)

4. Cut out the leaf shape using old scissors. (See Photo 2.)

5. Use the paint pen to edge the leaf and trace over the veins. (See Photo 3.) Let the paint dry. Bend the leaf slightly to make it look real.

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