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Thanksgiving Desktop Themes


Celebrate Thanksgiving: Celebrate all the best of Thanksgiving - good food, family and friends, parades, football, and... holiday wallpaper.
Cingular - Happy Thanksgiving: Sarah Josepha Hale, a noted editor and author, spent 38 years petitioning politicians and presidents calling for a national Thanksgiving holiday. Her efforts were finally rewarded in 1863 when President Lincoln proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving.
The First Thanksgiving: In 1621, what we recognize as the first real Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims of Plymouth colony and the Wampanoag Indians. Commemorate that famous feast with this holiday wallpaper.
Thanksgiving Turkey: Signal the beginning of the holiday season with this turkey.
Thanksgiving Wishes: Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with the beauty of the season and the joy of holiday traditions.
Wild Turkeys: Each year the President is expected to pardon a turkey before Thanksgiving at a White House ceremony. Now you can save these fine-feathered friends from the chopping block by gobbling up this bird-brained wallpaper.
Thanksgiving Feast (Holidays / 866 Kb) - A delicious theme. Roasted Turkey wallpaper with fun sounds, icons and animated cursors. Couldn't find it anywhere so I made it. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.
Victorian Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1290000 Kb) - Victorian/traditional Thanksgiving, sounds are a mixture of effects and music from Appalachian Spring, lots of pumpkins and turkeys with a few pilgrims thrown in for good measure.
Thanksgiving Feast (Holidays / 865 Kb) - This is a zip file with the corrections made to the program.
Turkeys & Help Me Thanksgiving Themes (Holidays / 1752748 Kb) - 2 different Thanksgiving Themes. One the background is a turkey asking for help. The other is black background with turkeys all over it. Logo screens, sounds, saver, anis & cursors all appropriate to themes.
Thanksgiving Clips (Holidays / 102 Kb) - A thanksgiving theme with a 3d effect wallpaper in true color, and matching icons and pointers. This is a kid friendly theme!
Thanksgiving Harvest (Holidays / 1024 Kb) - A bountiful harvest for the Thanksgiving holidays; icons, cursors and sounds included.
Thanksgiving Bounty (Holidays / 1426 Kb) - Totally original Thanksgiving theme including two complete themes for both Win95 and Win98. Handmade wallpaper, icons, ani cursors, sounds, and animated startup/shutdown screens. All Win 98 web elements. TRY IT. YOULL LOVE IT!
1999 Pumpkin Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1618 Kb) - The Pumpkin family invites you to their last Thanksgiving dinner of century. Even the Turkey has something to say Theme includes startup shutdowns, a Turkey of a Screensaver, orig CyberKat sounds Seasons Greetings 8=)
Celestial Thanksgiving (Holidays / 753 Kb) - Nope, I am not going to tell you- you have to see for yourself. I will say it includes icons, cursors, and mpeg sound, though. Come on...you know you e curious!
Suzys Zoo Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1.11 Kb) - The adorable characters from Suzys Zoo want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This theme pack includes icons, anis, startup/shutdowns, mpeg sound, and great matching screensaver.
Home to Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1.29 Kb) - The Thanksgiving guests are welcomed at the door of the snow blanketed farm. Contains wav files from he to whom we should be giving thanks, 'The Keeper of the Stars' (by Tracy Byrd).
Thanksgiving Gathering (Holidays / 297 Kb) - Thanksgiving theme features gathering of pilgrims & natives in a harvest scene. Complete with icons, cursors, sounds, and screensaver.
Thanksgiving Fall Harvest (Holidays / 2110 Kb) - Bring the Thanksgiving spirit to your computer with this great double theme package. Features a full complement of original wallpaper artwork, icons/cursors, and sounds. Installation instructions included.
Happy Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1182 Kb) - This is the best yet!! Comical sounds, Home-made icons,startup/shutdown screens and wait,includes awesome turkey screen saver, and spectacular color too!
Disney Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1.87 Kb) - Mickey and the gang want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This wonderful themepack includes original icons and anis, startup/shutdowns, sound, and great matching screensaver. Hey, Minnie, pass the turkey...
Thanksgiving (Holidays / 407 Kb) - A theme based on the fall holiday with all the stuffing
Tweety Thanksgiving (Holidays / 670 Kb) - Tweety Bird WEALLY WEALLY does wish you all a vewy, vewy Happy Thanksgiving! Great Thanksgiving-ish Tweety icons, cursors and sounds! Have a Happy Tweety, er, Turkey! ;-D
Pooh Thanksgiving (Holidays / 3.8 Kb) - Pooh and Tigger in a wonderful Holiday theme. This theme pack is complete with 2 paper sizes, original icons and anis, startup/shutdowns, mpeg sound, and beautiful matching screensaver.
Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1070 Kb) - This is the most complete Thanksgiving Desktop Theme available on the internet. It has it all: wallpaper, great, high quality sounds, original cursors, start-up/down and icons
Happy Thanksgiving (Miscellaneous / 1.7 Kb) - Happy Thanksgiving theme cont.a compl.song(vocals)THEY CALL IT FALL and three logos.Also has a match. screensaver.
Thanksgiving Day Greetings (Holidays / 819 Kb) - A Thanksgiving Day Desktop, Nice graphics, and icons
Happy Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1265 Kb) - A new turkey and livelier color scheme for a new year in this updated theme. Sounds of Turkey In The Straw. Choice of size 1152, 1024, or 800 wallpaper. Logos. Easy install.
Happy Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1.00 Kb) - A real Thanksgiving scene, since thanksgiving starts the holiday season the sounds for the theme is Theres No Place Like Home For the Holidays, includes logo screens, hotbar and screensaver available, easy install
Thanksgiving Blessings (Holidays / 1123 Kb) - A cheery holiday theme. Bing Crosby sings Count Your Blessings. Three wallpaper sizes, logos. Wallpaper by Loris Background Boutique. Easy install.
Bountiful Thanksgiving (Holidays / 697 Kb) - An autumn leaf inlaid with a wonderful assortment of Thanksgiving treasures. Happy Thanksgiving and may your holiday be bountiful. Logos included.
Tasm.Thanksgiving (Miscellaneous / 1.7 Kb) - Tasmanian Thansgiving,well,see yourself :O)Cont.a compl.song*Turkey in the straw* fine f.Kids, plus 3 logos.Also has a saver.
Suzis Thanksgiving (Miscellaneous / 1.98 Kb) - Suzi Zoo`s Thanksgiving cont.a lovely Kids song * Pumkin Picking Sunday * funny sounds & 3logos.Also has a match.screensaver.
It`s Thanksgiving (Miscellaneous / 1.8 Kb) - It`s Thanksgiving,a lovely theme with a compl.song * Journey ~ Hand in Hand * also has 3 logos and a matching screensaver.
Thanksgiving Kitchen _ (Holidays / 808 Kb) - A real thanksgiving kitchen scene, I have found the cutest song for the sounds called Singing In the Kitchen, includes Logo screens, hotbar and screensaver available, easy install
Thanksgiving Song (Holidays / 1.79 Kb) - This poor turkey has been through a lot just to escape the oven! Complete song by Adam Sandler included in zip. Original icons, ani-cursors, startup/shutdown screens. Easy install. Matching screen saver, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp, Hotbar skins available.
Golden Thanksgiving (Holidays / 865 Kb) - Look who\\s here to welcome you home for Thanksgiving! Logo screens included. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thanksgiving Wishes (Holidays / 1476 Kb) - A Thanksgiving theme with a soft autumn colored wallpaper,startup logos and sounds from Count Your Blessings.A matching Hotbar and stationery are also available.
A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1665 Kb) - Enjoy an old fashioned Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Day with the whole family gathered around the table. Beautiful music by Pachelbel called "Canon in D Minor"; Thanksgiving icons and cursors.
Thanksgiving 2001 (Holidays / 2.72 Kb) - My first Thanksgiving theme for 2001. Logos and sound files included
A Looney Thanksgiving (Holidays / 343 Kb) - Tweety,Taz,Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck,Marvin the Martian,Sylvester and Pory Pig at the Thanksgiving table.
Thanksgiving Praise (Holidays / 3.34 Kb) - Beautiful Thanksgiving scene- puts you right in the mood! Includes all icons, cursors, logos, webs, saver, and sound. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Cottage (Holidays / 989 Kb) - A quaint little cottage in the style of Thomas Kinkade, complete with autumn foliage and fruit. Logos included.
Thanksgiving Time (Holidays / 1310 Kb) - A feast for the eyes for the Holidays. All theme elements included. Matching screensaver available separately.
Bountiful Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1.35 Kb) - Contains regular and INTERactive wallpaper, a whole thaksgiving scene on an oakleaf. Theme includes Logo screens,and fun puzzle,sounds from the song This Land Is your Land, a hotbar and screensaver is available
Thanksgiving Dinner (Holidays / 294 Kb) - Bugs,Taz,Tweety,Daffy and Sylvester having Thanksgiving dinner.
A Simple Thanksgiving (Holidays / 297 Kb) - A simple yet elegent Thanksgiving theme.
Thanksgiving Gifts (Holidays / 651 Kb) - We have so many things to be thankful for, including this cornucopia full of colourful autumn bounty. Logos exe. included.
Giraffe Thanksgiving (Holidays / 3033 Kb) - The 3D giraffe gives thanks as he looks over the feast of roasted turkey. Flash screensaver available separately.
Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1.44 Kb) - Heres a little bit of everything about Thanksgiving all on one screen...
Thanksgiving by MOD (Holidays / 1587 Kb) - Here is a Thanksgiving theme for you all complete with trans. saver that has gourds, pumpkins indian corn, acorns... Sound and music from Perry Como. "Home for the Holidays" . 2 xtra pointers for those who don like "fancy" ones. MOD
Thanksgiving Home (Holidays / 1.54 Kb) - Theme has regular and an interactive wallpaper, and since this is the start of the holiday season, I used sounds from Theres No Place Like Home For The Holidays, theme includes fun puzzle and Logo screens, a hotbar and screensaver are available
Happy Thanksgiving By Veronica Kerperien-Robinson (Holidays / 381664 Kb) - A Victorian Thanksgiving image with a fall like background.
Thanksgiving Harvest (Holidays / 886 Kb) - A grouping of 3 Thanksgiving scenes come together with some of your holiday favorites. Logos included.
Thanksgiving Vignettes (Holidays / 1.40 Kb) - Contains regular and active wallpaper the active has your mouse chase a Turkey around, sounds from the song Counting your Blessings, includes Logo screens and fun puzzle, hotbar and screensaver available
An Indian Thanksgiving (Holidays / 409931 Kb) - A Theme with a cute Indian boy. Made with Psp. 6 icons, and 6 sounds.
Thanksgiving Angel (Holidays / 897 Kb) - Sweetness, pinkness and light describe this Thanksgiving angel. Original icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar and winamp available separately.
Thanksgiving Long Ago (Holidays / 1327 Kb) - A beautiful rendition of the first Thanksgiving. Original icons, anis and cursors. Matching winamp and hotbar available separately.
Happy Thanksgiving (Holidays / 646 Kb) - A desktop theme to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.
Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving (Holidays / 953 Kb) - Mickey and Minnie are here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Friends (Holidays / 415 Kb) - Two friendly pilgrims wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Fantasy (Holidays / 1793 Kb) - Dress your desktop for the holiday with this beautiful image by Bowser. Deep, fall colors, surround an enchanting goddess. Give thanks this year for nature and all its beauty. Includes 800 and 1024 wallpapers, logos and screensaver.