Seder Check List


The table is usually set with the best dishes, a low floral arrangement, a tablecloth, and two candles and candlesticks.

Place a Haggadah at each setting (or every other setting.)

On the chairs should be a pillow or cushion for leaning.

On the table near the leader

A small basin of water for the hand washing (or the leader can bring it to the table when it is time)
and a towel to dry the hands.

Seder Plate. You can purchase a seder plate or use a fancy dish, or even let the children color a paper plate. On the seder plate are usually:

  • A shank bone of a lamb (some leave off the shank bone and serve a different main dish because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. Others like the symbolism--you choose):
  • Bitter herbs (usually horseradish);
  • Karpas (a green vegetable, usually parsley or celery.)
  • Charoset (a mixture of apple, nuts, and wine)
  • Three pieces of matzah, in the specially designed matzah cover or within three cloth napkins.

On the table within everyone's reach

  • Small bowls of salty water.
  • Wine goblet or glass.
  • Extra bitter herbs and charoset for a large family or gathering.
  • A plate of matzah.
  • A bottle of wine or grape juice (one bottle per every six to eight people).


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