A poem is the sweetest way to convey your feelings.
Touch your mom's heart with this poem. 


Your love for your mother
is something that you never
completely comprehend
until you are separated by the miles
from her warmth and her wonder.

When I was living at home,
I took many things for granted
without meaning to
and I always knew
what a precious person you were
but I never really took the time
to go beyond the thought
and into what you really meant to me.

Now that I'm without you by my side,
I find myself thinking of you so often...
hoping in a way that it will
bring you a little closer to me.

And in those thoughts
I always come to the conclusion
that you are more than my mother'
you're a counselor and a companion;
you're a dear friend and a happy home;
you're a thousand beautiful memories
and you're someone whom I love with all my heart.

~By Collin McCarty~

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