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Doorknob or Wall Hanging

The hanging ends up about 2 feet long.

There are two different templates to choose from when you make this craft:

  • Butterfly I love mom

  • Flower I love mom


  • printer

  • paper

  • glue

  • scissors

  • ONE OF:  2 foot ribbon OR 2 foot strip of construction paper (you can tape a few strips together to make one that's 2 feet long)

  • ONE OF:  thin ribbon   OR   raffia  OR  string  OR  wool  -- must be long enough to loop around the doorknob

  • OPTIONAL:  something to color with

  • OPTIONAL:  craft foam or thin cardboard

  • OPTIONAL:  glitter glue or sparkles


  • Print out the template of choice (we have two different templates to choose from)

  • Color (as necessary) and cut out the template pieces.  

    • An adult can cut out the pieces before hand.  

    • If you want the children to be able to color them after cutting them out, put a roll of masking tape on the back of each piece and tape it to a scrap of paper.  That way it won't slip around when the child is coloring.

  • OPTIONAL:  fill in each of the letters in M O M and/or the heart with glitter glue or sparkles.  Kids love sparkles but my kitchen floor doesn't *grin*

  • OPTIONAL:  cut out a circles of craft foam or cardstock/poster board.  You can trace circles using a cup or lid.  

    • Make sure the circles are a bit bigger than the heart.

    • Glue heart to the circle.

  • Glue each of the letters and the heart onto the ribbon, keeping them spaced evenly (ish) -- try to get the kids to do them evenly and straight but try not to be a control freak *laugh*.  

  • You can use a strip of construction paper instead of a ribbon!
    You may find the edges of the paper hearts curl a bit or that they don't stick to the ribbon as well as you'd hoped.  

  • We resolved this by cutting a strip of thin cardboard, flipping the ribbon over and gluing it to the back of the heart.  

  • This helps keep the template piece flat and adds extra reinforcement to attach the piece to the ribbon (we had nice wide ribbon, so didn't really need the reinforcement... if you were using thin curling type ribbon you likely would).

  • Glue the "top" image near the very top of the ribbon


Here are some thoughts for template tops you might like to make instead.

  • Photo of child.  Glue to a paper doily.  Write the child's name and the date underneath and give to mom.
  • Handprint.  Cut it out -- write the child's name and the year on the front.    
  • To finish the craft tie a bow of the string or raffia around the top of the ribbon (or glue/tape it on if you're using construction paper).  Make a loop big enough to fit over the doorknob and hang it up!  (or hang it from a pushpin on the wall)
  • Close the template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).

Butterfly I Love Mom Template   (color)   or   (B&W)

Flower I Love Mom Template   (color)   or   (B&W)

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