Box Photo Album

You will need:

  • Five square facial tissue boxes
  • White glue
  • pretty ribbon
  • scissors
  • about 20 paper clips
  • hole punch
  • pencil

Steps to follow:

  1. Carefully pull apart the glued seams of each box so that it lies flat. Fold the top of one of the boxes over onto one of the sides so that the pattern is around the oval and the pattern is on the side facing out.

    rossboxphotoalbum1.jpg (8420 bytes)
  2. Cut around the square top and side of the box to form a small picture frame.  Glue the two sides of the frame shut, but leave the top open to slide a picture in.  Use the paper clips to hold the cardboard together while the glue dries.  Make a least five picture frames for the album.
  3. To make the front and back cover for the album, cut four squares from remaining sides of the box.  They should be the same size as your frame pages.  Glue two squares together, print side out, for the front of the book.   Do the same with the other two squares to make the back cover of the book.   Use paper clips to hold the cardboard together while the glue dries.
  4. Stack the covers and album pages together in the order you want them to be.  Punch two holes in the left side of the cover page.  Use a pencil to mark where to punch the holes in the next page.  Keep doing this until all the pages have holes.

    rossboxphotoalbum2.jpg (8978 bytes)
  5. Use the ribbon to tie two pages together.  Tie the ribbon in a bow on the front side of the album.

    rossboxphotoalbum3.jpg (6652 bytes)

    Make this gift extra special by slipping a picture of you into the frame on the first page.


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