Clay Pot Skulls

Skill level: easy
Craft time: 15 minutes plus drying time

clay pot
white and black acrylic paint
assorted colors of acrylic paint, suggestions are purple, green and red

have on hand
paintbrush one large and one fine tip

Paint or sponge pot white and allow to dry completely.
With the black paint on eyes, nose and teeth.
With colored paint and find tip brush draw designs on skull.
Let dry.

Coffee Filter Monarchs

Skill level: easiest
Craft time: 15 minutes plus drying time

Black chenille stem (pipe cleaners)
Paper coffee filter
Black and orange watercolor paints

have on hand
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers

Cut the black chenille stem in half; set aside.
Paint the coffee filter with the watercolor paints and let dry.
Fold the chenille stem in half.
Twist the bent end about 1/2" from the bend.
Now pleat the coffee filter accordion style, about 1/2" pleats.
Slide butterfly in-between the ends of the chenille stem.
Twist the chenille stem above the butterfly, this will hold it in place.
Separate the ends of the chenille.
Curl one end of the chenille -to make the antenna, repeat with the other side.
Fan out the wings.

Tissue Paper Marigolds

Skill level: easiest
Craft time: 10 minutes

Bright orange tissue paper
Chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

have on hand
Pencil or pen

Cut tissue paper into rectangles, it's up to you how big (or small) you would like your flower.
Stack 6 pieces of tissue paper and accordion pleat the tissue paper working from the long side of the rectangle.
Wind one end of the chenille stem around the center of the pleated tissue paper.
Carefully separate each layer pulling it upward toward the center of the flower.