Independence Day Screensavers

4th Of July Gala (Holidays / 1839 Kb) - Scenes for the 4th of July or anytime you want to celebrate the USA. Optional music. Win 95/98/NT. Freeware. Desktop theme available.

The 4th of July (Holidays / 2.66 Kb) - I know this is kindof early but I love fireworks made this thought I would share it it also has sound. I love this one :)

4th Of July (Holidays / 3315 Kb) - This 4th of July Fireworks saver has Thomas Kinkade\s image of Washington as the background. John Philip Sousa\s Star\s & Stripes forever is midi music. MOD

Thomas Kinkade 4th of July Saver (Holidays / 1564 Kb) - Thomas Kinkade 4th of July saver to match my theme and logos available as separate download. 3 holiday Kinkades with a very low and discrete America the Beautiful (can be toggled on and off).

4th of July Dreams Screensaver (Holidays / 411 Kb) - Festive fireworks display over the Statue of Liberty and other symbols of national heritage. Includes sounds.

Americas 4th of July (Holidays / 4028 Kb) - Americas 4th of July consists of an original computer generated image, in Flash Movie format. Sounds and beautiful music are included

4th of July - Monuments and Fireworks (Holidays / 2239 Kb) - Get this one of a kind patriotic screensaver featuring a camera moving past The Lincoln Memorial, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and The Jefferson Memorial - Each rendered in spectacular 3D. As the camera moves around these historic monuments watch a fireworks extravaganza erupting in the background and listen to the classical music masterpieces usually heard at a fireworks event.

4th Of July Hand Fans (Holidays / 522 Kb) - Hand fans moving in timed patterns that have the flag of the United States design in them are moving all around the computer screen. Transparent screensaver with mutable music. Hope ya like it!

Happy 4th of July 3 by Star Angel (Holidays / 2511 Kb) - Patriotic saver with a beautiful American flag, against a Star Angel background with tons of stars. Fireworks and Independence day sign animate randomly. A visually stunning saver. Sound is included. This is an updated saver as of 6-6-05. Formerly titled, Happy 4th of July 2.

4th Of July Sparklers (Holidays / 1566 Kb) - Sparklers for the 4th of july all over the screen are perfect for this holiday. Transparent screensaver with mutable fireworks sounds. Hope ya like it!

4th Of July Firecrackers (Holidays / 737 Kb) - So many differant, animated firecrackers moving all over the screen, are perfect for the 4th of july. Transparent screensaver with mutable firecracker sounds. Matches my theme of the same name that is found in the theme section. Hope ya like it!

4th Of July Sparklings (Holidays / 337 Kb) - The date of 4th and stars sparkle as they move in a timed motion all over the screen. Perfect for the 4th of july. Transparent screensaver with mutable Star Spangled Banner song. Hope ya like it!

4th Of July Mickey (Holidays / 0 Kb) - Mickey looking this way and that way in patriatic clothes that change colors as he moves all over the screen. Matches my theme in the theme section under the same name. It is a transparent screensaver with mutable God Bless America song. Hope ya like it!

4th Of July Teddy Bears (Holidays / 338 Kb) - Some teddy bears holding flags, while others are holding banners that wish everyone HAPPY JULY 4THs. Transparent screensaver with mutable Yankee Doodle Dandy song. Hope ya like it!

Angels Of The 4th Of July (Holidays / 611 Kb) - Patriotic angels dressed in the flag colors have fireworks shooting off all around them as they move all over the computer screen. Transparent screensaver with mutable firework sounds. Hope ya like it!


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