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Patriotic Mail Box

Materials Needed

Mailbox any size
Red, white and blue exterior paint for metal and brushes, or spray paint
Painters masking tape
Tracing paper / shelving plastic
Primer if the metal is unpainted
Tape measure


  1. Mask the hardware on the box with tape. Sand the box lightly to accept the new paint, and dust of the residue. Brush on primer and paint, following manufacturer's instructions. Let dry with the door open. Paint the mailbox white, again letting it dry with the door open.

  2. Draw and cut out a star pattern. Trace 6 stars onto the back of shelving plastic and cut them out.

  3. Using the photo above as a guide, outline a 4" wide blue field on the side and top at the front end of the box with pencil and tape measure. Place painter's tape firmly along the outer edge of the line. Protect the rest of the box sides with taped down paper if using spray paint. Pell off the backing and stick the stars evenly spaced firmly on the blue field. Paint the door and field blue. Let the paint dry to the touch and remove the star masks. Then let the paint dry thoroughly.

  4. Cut a piece of shelving plastic to fit over the remaining sides and top of the box. Working from the center out, draw evenly spaced wavy stripes on the back of the plastic. Cut out the stripes and stick them to the box; remove the ones to be painted red. cover up the blue field with tape and paper. Paint the stripes and the back of the box red. Let the paint dry, removing the masks as before.

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