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Fourth of July Firecracker

This makes up very quickly and is quite an eye catcher. If you have a blue gallon milk jug lid that fits securely inside the toilet paper roll, you do not need to use the cardstock or poster board.

Parental supervision is recommended with the use of hot glue guns.

What You Need

  • Toilet paper roll tube (double roll size works well)
  • Gallon milk jug lid
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 9 Silver sparkle chenille stems
  • 4 Red sparkle chenille stems
  • 4 Blue sparkle chenille stems
  • Small white poster board or cardstock circle, 1 and 3/4 inches in diameter
How To Make It
  1. Use a blue sparkle chenille stem and wrap it around the bottom of the toilet paper tube. One chenille stem will wrap around the tube twice. When the ends meet, twist them together. Secure in place with tacky glue. ( Just a line of tacky glue down the tube will help secure the stems in place)
  2. Continue to wrap sparkle chenille stems on the tube. Go in this color order: blue, silver, red, silver, blue, silver, etc. until you have used 4 blues, 4 reds, and 8 silver sparkle chenille stems. Make sure you attach each one with a little bit of tacky glue to keep them from sliding.
  3. Hot glue the small cardboard circle to the milk jug lid.
  4. After glue has dried, poke two holes in the top through both the cardboard and the lid about 1 cm apart from each other using scissors.
  5. Fold the remaining silver sparkle chenille stem in half.
  6. Push the folded chenille stem up through the holes in the lid and cardboard starting under the lid.
  7. Twist the tops of the chenille stems together to look like the wick of a firecracker.
  8. Run glue around the outside of the milk jug lid.
  9. Put the lid with the glue inside the toilet paper tube so the "wick" is sticking out of the top.

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