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Free Halloween Screensavers


Halloween Moon (Holidays / 1363 Kb) - This Free Halloween Screen Saver has eight large pictures which move around your screen at random, each making a 15 second appearance at center, with a variety of transition effects.

Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 309 Kb) - Great screensaver of a graveyard with moving leaves and ghosts. Designed by Jesse Thompson.
Happy Halloween02 (Miscellaneous / 1,24 Kb) - Happy Halloween with adorable Caspar & his gang:O)Contains a complete Caspar song,also has 3 logos and a matching theme. Spider & web and the spooks are animated. Have Fun.
This is Halloween (Holidays / 2075 Kb) - The Screensaver to accompany the theme This is Halloween that will make your Halloween complete. Song by Danny Elfman.
Witches Halloween (Holidays / 266 Kb) - Transparent background with flying witches and an animated Jack O Lantern wishing you a Happy Halloween.This was made to go with my theme,Rattle M Bones.There is also matching IE Skin,Hotbar and WinAmp Skin.
Halloween Time (Holidays / 661 Kb) - This cute halloween screensaver has ghosts, bats, a mummy, a owl, a snake, spiders and pumpkins, all wishing you a Happy Halloween. Desktop theme available separately
A Gothic Halloween (Holidays / 1130 Kb) - Eerie ghosts float around a graveyard set in a ruined gothic pile. Optional spooky sounds
Halloween Moonclock (Holidays / 561 Kb) - Fun saver for Halloween with a clock in the shape of a full moon. Optional Halloween music
Call Me Halloween (Holidays / 514 Kb) - This Screen Saver goes with my theme called CatCapers-Halloween Katt. EnjoyQQ
Coolscreams A Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 2115 Kb) - Coolscreams is a fun Halloween screensaver with ghosts, pumpkins, a creepy spider and a dancing skeleton. Choose from up to 5 different scenes and backgrounds or select Random to see them all. Comes with creepy Halloween sounds.
Giraffe Halloween (Holidays / 1898 Kb) - The giraffe has his costume on and is ready for Halloween in this animated screensaver. Theme available separately. Self-installing.
Spooky Halloween (Holidays / 273 Kb) - Witches, bats, & ghost flying around on a transparent background. Halloween midi!
Halloween House (Holidays / 533 Kb) - Animated saver with optional spooky tunes. Even the ghosts are scared to go in :)
Halloween Twist (Holidays / 930 Kb) - Halloween pictures distort and melt into your desktop
Tasmanian Halloween02 (Miscellaneous / 1,71 Kb) - Tasmanian Halloween screensaver cont.a compl.song(vocals)\"It was the day of Halloween\" Also has many,funny animations,3 logos and a match.theme.
Halloween Haunting Screen Saver (Holidays / 607 Kb) - Looking for a real treat this Halloween? Check out Halloween Haunting Screen Saver. Watch 3D skulls or evil Jack-O-Lanterns fly around your screen while listening to spooky noises! - Freeware
Halloween Teddy (Holidays / 250 Kb) - Animated screen saver complements my Halloween Teddy desktop theme. Win 95/98/NT. Freeware.
POOHS HALLOWEEN (Holidays / 1150 Kb) - Pooh and his friends celebrating Halloween
Halloween (Holidays / 266 Kb) - Witches and bats fly across the screen with a flashing pumpkin centerpiece. A great accessory for my \\\"Halloween Fun\\\" desktop theme
HALLOWEEN CARDS (Holidays / 1196 Kb) - Looking for something a little different. Well this screen saver has pictures of Halloween Cards from the old Victorian days up to today. Music Grinch Halloween
Heres to Halloween (Holidays / 425 Kb) - Two black cats are staring at the moon and at the bats and witches that fly by in this ani 3D saver with the full optional halloween song
Halloween Maiden Style (Holidays / 583 Kb) - A little humor from the Maiden...Halloween Style!
Halloween Fun (Holidays / 278 Kb) - This screen saver has animated ghosts and goblins flying and floating around your screen. The background is transparent so you can still see your desktop. Saver includes the theme song to the movie Halloween.
A Frightening Halloween (Holidays / 875 Kb) - Fantastic FLASH movie saver. Over 6 minutes of ghosts, witches, skeletons and every scary creature under the moon. Moans, creeks and thunder will scare you out of the chair. Download this MUST HAVE screensaver NOW and get into the Halloween spirit.
Happy Halloween04 (Miscellaneous / 1.76 Kb) - Happy Halloween to all:O)Cont.a song \"Don`t scream\" & many funny animations.Graphics used with perm.from P.Parker(url see read me).Also has 3 logos & a theme.
Mickeys Halloween02 (Miscellaneous / 1.8 Kb) - Mickeys Halloween screensaver contains a song \"Spooky,scary Skeletons\" ~ for Kids! & many animations.Also has 3 Logos and a Theme.HAVE FUN :O)
Halloween WizzIII (Miscellaneous / 1.79 Kb) - Halloween Wizz is a funny saver with a compl.song* Halloween Party* & many animations.Plus 3 logos & a match.theme.
Howdy HalloweenII (Miscellaneous / 1.9 Kb) - Howdy Halloween screensaver cont.a compl.song * On Halloween * and many funny animations.Also has a theme with three logos.HAVE FUN :O)
Happy Halloween (Holidays / 459 Kb) - Spooky animated halloween screensaver, complete with bats, spiders, lightning, and ghosts!
Halloween Fun For Pooh (Holidays / 592 Kb) - Pooh and the gang all dressed up for Halloween,with flying ghosts and animated Jack O Lanterns.Optional sound.Matches my theme,Poohs Halloween Fun.
Halloween With Pooh (Holidays / 1674 Kb) - 16 adorable pictures of Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore all dressed up and having lots of fun this Halloween Music is a fun song by Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs, Haunted House. Enjoy Jeanie
Halloween Supper (Holidays / 502 Kb) - A delectable Halloween feast crawling with spiders, cockroaches and other delicacies :)
Halloween 2001 Scream Saver (Holidays / 3126 Kb) - From the murky depths of the Macabre Web arises vampires, ghouls, witches, and 3D animated trick-or-treaters! 20 grusome min runtime with music and sound effects.
Halloween Spooks (Holidays / 649 Kb) - Haunted house and all its characters for a Bootiful Halloween.
Halloween by dave (Holidays / 766 Kb) - This is done with a wallpaper we did in psp 7 and has candy corn going across the screen..
Ghost Ship (Fantasy / 141 Kb) - This is the kind of Ghost Ship tales have been told about,in this ani 3D screensaver, the lovely artwork is by Grandmother Beth
Flying Ghost (Miscellaneous / 255 Kb) - This is really cool, I spent an hour painting this Ghost in Painthsop Pro:)
Moon Spirits World - Ghosts In Space V2.0 (Sci-Fi / 647 Kb) - A screen saver created by www.moonspiritsworld.com; that includes ghosts in astronaut suits floating around in space holding astrological symbols. There is beautiful Beethoven music in the background and excellent scenery.
Ghost Train (Holidays / 358 Kb) - All aboard the next FLASH saver from mysavers.com - Take the thrill ride of your life as this haunted ghost train travels through various scenes - Destination.............Unknown - But just hope you make it there alive!
Twilight Ghosts (Animals / 8580 Kb) - A lighthouse stands high on an island mountian top, its light slowly illuminating the ghosts of the water. Sound is of the ocean.
Rocky Horror Pitcher Show (Movies / 884 Kb) - Rocky Horror Pitcher show Need I Say More?
Classic Horror Movies Screensaver (Horror_Occult / 2300 Kb) - A salute to classic horror movies!