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Halloween Desktop Themes


Halloween Season of the Witch (Holidays / 2308 Kb) - Season of the Witch contains original photography taken at the Salem Witch Museum. Includes a complete MP3 of Donovans song of the same name (low res), a screensaver, startup/shutdown screens, and all webviews. Win95/98 cross compatible. Easy install.

Queen of the Night Halloween Theme (Holidays / 2454 Kb) - A quite different Halloween Theme with logos and a spooky screensaver.
Happy Halloween (Miscellaneous / 1,2 Kb) - Happy Halloween with adorable Caspar & his gang:O)Contains ani spooky cursors,sounds and a compl.Halloween song,3 logos & has a match.saver. Images used with permission from Penny
halloween (Horror_Occult / 68 Kb) - An Active desktop halloween wallpaper.
Halloween Guest (Holidays / 923 Kb) - The creepiest of my Halloween themes (so far...hehehe). Revised theme features 3 wallpaper sizes, logos, new spooky screen saver. Art by Digital Blasphemy. Easy install.
Pooh Halloween (Holidays / 2.28 Kb) - This is an adorable Winnie the Pooh halloween theme. Adults and children alike will love it. This theme is packed! Cursors, Icons, Logo screens,sounds, webviews, hotbar and very cute screensaver.
Real Ghostbusters: When halloween was forever (Cartoons / 2070066 Kb) - A desktop theme Based on the Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Halloween Special that introduced the character of SamHain.
Halloween2 Theme (Movies / 2.64 Kb) - Theme from Halloween 2. All original Wallpaper,Icons,Waves, and Startup/Shutdown screens.Really excellent theme.
Halloween Me (Holidays / 1.88 Kb) - “Trick or Treat, spooky mansions and colorfull icons light up your desktop with this classic holiday theme.” Includes Fonts, Startup Screen, Spooky Sounds, Screen Saver, 2 Backgrounds and "JShell" System Icons.
Happy Halloween (Holidays / 947 Kb) - Halloween characters displayed on wallpaper, spooky sounds, icons and cursors
Halloween (Holidays / 2138 Kb) - A nice Halloween theme, what can i say....
Merry Halloween (Holidays / 1003 Kb) - This is a victorian look at Halloween.
Halloween Treats (Holidays / 1421777 Kb) - Very colorful Halloween Treats Theme updated. Done in bright orange, purple, green and black. Original cursors and anis. Some sounds original. Logo screens and saver included.
Halloween in Mouseville (Holidays / 1811 Kb) - Its trick or treat time in Mouseville.
Halloween Spooks (Holidays / 2279048 Kb) - Halloween Spooks - wallpaper black background with witch, vampire, ghost, wolfman and other creatures faces over it. Logo screens, sounds, icons and anis all new by me also. Screen saver done by a friend.
Halloween by godlike (Holidays / 1100 Kb) - Just in time for Halloween - this all original theme features custom-made icons/cursors, 3d wallpaper, spooky sounds, plus macabre and brooding music from the likes of Liszt, Mussorgsky, and others.
Boo...Happy Halloween! (Holidays / 1499 Kb) - Halloween is right around the corner...enjoy the sites and sounds with this theme.
Boo Halloween Theme by vikimouse (Holidays / 338000 Kb) - Boo Halloween ss features ghosts, witches, bats, and a haunted house. This theme has it all.
Halloween Clips (Holidays / 397 Kb) - A family friendly halloween theme with a unique background created from clipart. Has sounds and original icons and animated cursors.
Happy Halloween (Holidays / 1.58 Kb) - A country Halloween wreath theme.
John Carpenters Halloween v1.0 (Movies / 3445746 Kb) - John Carpenters Halloween. Based on the classic horror flick of the same name, it contains, icons, cursors, and sounds. All original, high-quality, and SCARRRRRRY!
Ultimate Halloween (Holidays / 980 Kb) - This is the most complete Halloween Desktop Theme available on the internet. It has it all: wallpaper, great, high quality sounds, original cursors, start-up/down and icons
Southpark Halloween (Cartoons / 425 Kb) - Southpark Halloween
Southpark: The Halloween Episode v1.0 (Cartoons / 425 Kb) - A theme of the Halloween Episode of Southpark, all the sounds go with its right command, the wallpaper is of Kenny with pinkeye in 3D.
Moronicas Halloween (Holidays / 508 Kb) - A spooky Halloween theme with great cursors and sounds with a background of a haunted house.
Halloween Theme (Holidays / 543 Kb) - A complete Halloween Theme for your Windows Desktop. Includes Wallpaper, Cursors, Icons, Sounds and a Screen Saver.
Halloween Bats (Holidays / 1162 Kb) - Tiled wallpaper! Onyx bats with ruby eyes on a purple backdrop. Theme includes webviews, logo screens, screensaver, cursors, icons, sounds and colors.
Happy Halloween from kylyria.net (Holidays / 1573 Kb) - Created to coordinate with my Happy Halloween screensaver. Theme includes the screensaver, webviews, logo screens, wallpaper, icons, cursors, sounds, fonts, and custom colors.
Hippity Hoppity Halloween (Holidays / 2360 Kb) - These funny bunnies thought they were going to have to call Ghost Busters for a brief, scary moment! But not to worry, its just another one of their bunny friends! Ghost Busters song throughout; cute Halloween icons and cursors!
CatCapers-Halloween Katt (Holidays / 553 Kb) - Here it is. Another CatCaper Theme. This was inspired by another Fellow Creator. Many Thanks. A matching screen saver is in the SS section named Call Me Halloween. Search under screen savers by name. EnjoyQQ
Oiche Shamhna (Halloween) (Holidays / 2479 Kb) - Oiche Shamhna is Halloween in Irish Gaelic. Includes screensaver, original sounds, icons, cursors, start and shutdown screens.
Halloween Fun (Holidays / 1427 Kb) - A cute Halloween Theme, with a Happy Ghost and pumpkins. Custom Wallpaper, icons, and cursors. Special Sound effects.
Giraffe Halloween (Holidays / 3826 Kb) - The poor 3D giraffe just doesnt get human holidays. Many odd animated cursors and an active desktop included. Screensaver separate.
A Raccoon Halloween (Holidays / 1301 Kb) - This is an updated version of last years theme which has additions of a hotbar and winamp for this year.
A Frankenstein Halloween (Holidays / 1101 Kb) - Halloween just wouldn be complete without good ol Frankenstein.Here,hes coming right at you on your monitor.Has sounds,icons,cursors,color scheme.
Halloween By Veronica (Holidays / 937549 Kb) - A Halloween Theme from a victorian card, it comes it scary and goofy sounds.
A Devilish Halloween (Holidays / 1254 Kb) - This mean ol red devil is inviting you to his world this Halloween.Has sounds,cursors,icons,and saver,plus cool colors.
Black Cat Halloween (Holidays / 1310 Kb) - This black cat is all ready to put the scares in you for Halloween.Has icons,cat cursors,sounds,and a cool color scheme.Meeooooww!!!!
Country Bumpin Halloween (Holidays / 1494 Kb) - A country Halloween setting with blacks cats and pumpkins. Complete with Halloween sounds.
Halloweens Coming (Holidays / 3376 Kb) - Halloween theme with ghosts, spooky wolf eyes, a haunted house, a skeleton, a zombie, and pumpkins all set in an eerie background. Comes with animated cursors, icons, sounds startup/wait/shutdown screens, Best viewed in 16-bit high color
Halloween Time (Holidays / 695 Kb) - This cute halloween theme has a ghost, a bat, a mummy, a owl, a snake, spiders and pumpkins, all wishing you a Happy Halloween. Logos included.
A Halloween Visit (Holidays / 1452 Kb) - Spooky fun in marvelous colors by Mark Traietti. Three wallpaper sizes, logos, Hotbar, screen saver. Easy install.
Gargoyle\s Halloween 01 (Holidays / 1028 Kb) - Happy Halloween for the Gargoyle\s too! Spooky Theme with sounds, icons, cursors, logos and a matching screensaver
A Raccoon Halloween (Holidays / 640 Kb) - This little fella is already \"masked\" for Halloween. Thanks to Sally Martin at Webshots (see Read Me for URL) for sharing her wallpaper with me. It\s adorable.
Halloween Pumpkin (Holidays / 1.27 Kb) - This is a cute halloween theme for everyone to enjoy with a real cute pumpkin
Tasmanian Halloween (Miscellaneous / 1,9 Kb) - Tasmanian Halloween theme contains 3 logos,a compl.song \\\" It was the day of Halloween\\\",sounds & ani cursors.Als has a match.saver.Have fun :O)
waiting for halloween (Holidays / 246 Kb) - black cat waiting patiently for his favorite day of the year!
Halloween Teddy (Holidays / 1251 Kb) - A cute teddy bear for Halloween courtesy of Original Look. Cheery theme, not scary. Three wallpaper sizes, logos, Hotbar. Screen saver available. Easy install.
Halloween Welcome (Holidays / 375 Kb) - A nice Halloween Desktop for the holiday
Gargoyle\s Halloween 02 (Holidays / 2320 Kb) - Another Gargoyle\s Halloween Theme with a really cute Gargoyle sitting in the middle of the Wallpaper. All necessary items included and a matching Screensaver too.
Happy Happy Halloween (Miscellaneous / 1.2 Kb) - Happy Happy Halloween theme cont.a compl.song by little voices(Vocals :O)sounds and 3 logos.Also has a match.saver.
Halloween Fun (Holidays / 738 Kb) - A cute Halloween Wallpaper with pumkin, ghosts, and bats. Wallpaper comes in 3 sizes. Complete with wallpaper, icons, cursers,webview graphics, and halloween sounds. Suitable for the entire family.
Gothic Halloween (Holidays / 2000 Kb) - This theme is based more on 19th century Romantic period images of scary things rather than more recent traditional 20th century Halloween images.
Halloween Mice (Holidays / 1.84 Kb) - Meadow mice celebrate halloween to the tune Grim Grinning Ghost. Halloween mice anicursors, icons,colors,font and logo screens. Easy install.
Happy Halloween (Holidays / 1065 Kb) - Halloween fun. Three wallpaper sizes, logos, spooky sounds. Easy install.
Happy_Halloween (Holidays / 1461 Kb) - A cute Halloween theme with a witch and a ghost.
Happy Haunted Halloween (Holidays / 690 Kb) - Have a happy haunted halloween with this creepy desktop theme.
Heres to Halloween (Holidays / 748 Kb) - Two black cats are staring at the moon and at the bats and witches that fly by, but this is not a scary or spooky theme. Sounds from a new halloween song, includes Logo screens, hotbar and screensaver available
Halloween Haunted Graveyard (Holidays / 1312 Kb) - A spooky Halloween Haunted Graveyard wallpaper with matching icons,cursors,logo screens and spooky sounds. Matching hotbar & Outlook stationery also available.
Halloween 2000 (Holidays / 496 Kb) - Ghosts, a bat and a pumpkin adorn this one. Matching cursors, spooky sounds, and start up and shut down screens. Self extracting zip file.
Halloween Kittens (Holidays / 683 Kb) - 2 cute kittens sleeping on a bed of hay amongst jack-o\-lanterns.
Scary Halloween (Holidays / 1.24 Kb) - Witches, graveyards, jack-o-lanterns, haunted mansions; this one is too scary to look at! It\s Scary Halloween. Happy Halloween!
Mickeys Halloween (Miscellaneous / 1.67 Kb) - Mickeys Halloween contains a song \"Spooky,scary Skeletons\" ~ for Kids!,also has 3 Logos and a screensaver.
Happy Halloween03 (Miscellaneous / 1.9 Kb) - Happy Halloween to all:O)Cont.3 logos,a funny song \"Don`t scream\" & has a saver.Graphics used with perm.by Penny Parker(url see read me)
Halloween WizzII (Miscellaneous / 1.59 Kb) - Halloween Wizz is a funny theme with many spooky sounds,ani cursors & a compl.song *Halloween Party*Plus 3 logos & a saver.
Halloween H2O (Movies / 2,850 Kb) - One of my best themes. Used the mp3/wave format. All the sounds turned out real high quality and in stereo while taking up a very small space. One of my fav.s. Icons,Waves,Start/Shut Screens,Screensaver,Matching colors.
Howdy Halloween (Miscellaneous / 1.8 Kb) - Howdy Halloween theme cont.a compl.song * On Halloween * and 3 logos,als has a matching theme.HAVE FUN!
Halloween Two V.2 (Movies / 3,010 Kb) - From Halloween 2. My second version. The first one I did had a lousy wallpaper. This is the one to download. Everythings here!
Poohs Halloween Fun (Holidays / 607 Kb) - Pooh and the gang all dressed up for Halloween.Matching screensaver,Halloween Fun.
A Cats Halloween (Holidays / 1035 Kb) - Adorable picture of a black cat in a pumkin with a real cute mouse all ready for Halloween. Music and 15 additional sounds. Enjoy Jeanie
Have a Spooky Halloween (Holidays / 1074978 Kb) - Just a little Halloween Theme I made to celebrate All Hallows Eve
Poohs Halloween (Cartoons / 852 Kb) - Wonderful picture of Winnie The Pooh and Piglet carving pumkins. Lots of Pooh and Piglet sounds and animated cursors. Enjoy Jeanie
Halloween Hunt (Holidays / 975 Kb) - Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are on a Halloween hunt...but wait Pluto is already eating all the candy. Matching hotbar and winamp available separately.
This is Halloween (Holidays / 1530 Kb) - Here is a fun look at a favorite holiday for kids of all ages. The title says it all because this is what Halloween is all about. Original icons,cursors,logos. Wallpaper by Eric Holbrook. Screensaver available.
A Fairy Happy Halloween (Holidays / 1349 Kb) - This merry little fairy is also a witch! Great Halloween icons and cursors, original 800 and 1024 wallpaper, logos and a cute animated screensaver.
Halloween Homecoming (Holidays / 1273 Kb) - An old house in a playfully spooky Halloween graphic by Lori`s Background Boutique. Three sizes, logos, screen saver. Easy install.
Halloween (Holidays / 501 Kb) - Theme based on the funnest holiday
Halloween 2001 (Holidays / 2.65 Kb) - Halloween 2001 Desktop Theme. Logos and Sound Files included.
Angel Halloween 1999 (TV / 1096445 Kb) - A Halloween Theme for 1999 featuring the 1st season cast of Angel from the Series Angel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween 1999 (TV / 1217713 Kb) - A Halloween Theme for 1999 featuring the 4th season cast of BtVS from the Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween 2000 (TV / 1709157 Kb) - A Halloween Theme for 2000 featuring the cast of BtVS from the Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Halloween Spirits (Holidays / 756 Kb) - Join these little spirits in their traditional custom of trick or treating on Halloween night, but make sure its a treat you hand out!
Halloween by Nanna (Holidays / 3.218 Kb) - This is an original Halloween Desktop Theme. Includes a very original wallpaper, great sound events , ani-icons and cursors, folders icons,some extra material and a beautiful screensaver with lots of images, sounds and settings. I hope you enjoy it!
Halloween Harvest Moon (Holidays / 533 Kb) - Happy Halloween. Custom Icons by a Cyber Friends Husband. Many Thanks. Sounds, Webs Views and Startup and Shutdown Logos included. Scarecrow by Me. Enjoy or at Least get a Good Laugh.
Halloween Theme 1.0 (Holidays / 869 Kb) - Dress up your computer for Halloween with this theme. The sounds are compressed in MP3 format. The minimum requirements are Windows 98 or Windows 95 with media player 6.4.
Angel Halloween 2001 (TV / 1475152 Kb) - Angel and Cordelia were trapped at a Halloween Costume Party in a Haunted house. Wesley and Gunn Came to help them get out. From the Series Angel
Angel Halloween 2000 (TV / 1804120 Kb) - The Angel Halloween Theme for 2000 Angel and friends find themeselves waking up fron the dead on Halloween Night From the Series Angel
Ghost Mountain (Miscellaneous / 592 Kb) - Does his ghost still haunt the mountains of where he spent his life. Comes with tumis Black Cursors sounds events and icons. Saver included
Ghost Ship (Fantasy / 654 Kb) - This is the kind of Ghost Ship tales have been told about, the lovely artwork is by Grandmother Beth, sounds from the song Ship Of Fools by Bob Sager, includes Logo Screens, hotbar and screensaver available, easy install
Real Ghostbusters: When halloween was forever (Cartoons / 2070066 Kb) - A desktop theme Based on the Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Halloween Special that introduced the character of SamHain.
Ghost Bridge (Places / 1.20 Kb) - Welcome to our tour of Oregon at Cooters Country Tour America Series. Come and see the beauty of a misty morning.
Ghostbusters II Deluxe (Movies / 6.9 Kb) - This theme is based on the movie Ghostbusters.Wallpapers, icons, cursors, sounds,active desktop, screen saver, skins for ICQ+,Winamp & WindowBlinds users, web resources, logos,webview images and more...
Ghost Riders in the Sky (Fantasy / 1414 Kb) - If you wanna chase the devils herd riding on our range - or if you just want them on your monitor saddle up with Johnny Cash and the Ghostriders in the Sky.
Ghostbusters Deluxe (Movies / 6,900 Kb) - This theme is based on the movie Ghostbusters.Contains: wallpapers, icons, cursors, sounds,active desktop, screen saver, skins for ICQ+,Winamp & WindowBlinds users, web resources, Logos,webview images and more...
Ghost in the Shell 1.2 (Anime / 769 Kb) - A theme created from the movie and the Ghost in the Sell manga
Ghosts Galore (Holidays / 911 Kb) - The ghosts are out in force this close to Halloween.
ghost rider theme (Horror_Occult / 2340000 Kb) - theme based on the comic book super hero Ghost Rider.
Ghost (Movies / 679 Kb) - One of my first themes created based on the movie. Another one that I spent alot of time working on the background.
Ghost in the Shell Theme (Anime / 768 Kb) - Japanimation Ghost in the Shell theme. Directed by Mamoru Oshii. [www.TopThemes.com]
Ghosts of Columbus (Fantasy / 2.22 Kb) - Crystal ships on a pastel background.
Ghost Unicorn (Fantasy / 1653 Kb) - This theme was created from a scan of the top half of a painting that I personaly airbrush painted in 1982. Some folks think that it is evil, LOL! The Original title is The Ghost Of The Unicorn. I hope its not too scary for you! Char/Elfie
Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast (Cartoons / 645 Kb) - Turn your computer into your own little Ghost Planet with the Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast theme for Microsoft Plus!
Ghostbusters (Movies / 997 Kb) - A theme of the original movie "Ghostbusters"
Ghosts And Goblins (Holidays / 1000 Kb) - Enjoy Halloween along with spooks and more with this cute theme. includes logos and more...
Ghost Castle (Miscellaneous / 1012 Kb) - A ghostly castle in the Scottish mist. This theme includes original screensaver, icons, sounds, cursors and start and shutdown screens.
Ghostly Waters (Holidays / 1658 Kb) - A spooky lake with something living in it! Brilliant sounds, animated cursors, pointers and icons, matching colour scheme, corresponding ICQ skin, hotbar and stationery. Easy install package.
Smiling Ghost (Holidays / 117 Kb) - Smiling ghost to watching over your computer.
Ghostbusters Deluxe (Movies / 6500 Kb) - This theme is based on the movie Ghostbusters.Wallpapers, icons, cursors, sounds, active desktop, screen saver, skins for ICQ+, Winamp & WindowBlinds users, web resources, logos, webview images and more...
Bocain-Ghost (Miscellaneous / 635 Kb) - A Ghost Rider with storm sounds, Icons, Start and Shutdown screens.
Bocain Ghost Sword (Miscellaneous / 652 Kb) - Bo\cain is Gaelic for ghost. Ghost Sword with sounds, icons and start and shutdown screens.
GHOST IN THE SHELL PSX (Anime / 1991 Kb) - Based on the anime Ghost in the shell this file include sounds in MPEG layer compresion,3 wallpapers(2 of the sexy KUSANAGI) and 7 animated cursors (ANIMATED SCREENS from the game of PSX) Check my others desktop themes
Nintendo Ghosts and Goblins (Games / 445 Kb) - This is my original Ghosts and Goblins Nintendo Theme
Ghosts Of Kantishna (Nature / 1.20 Kb) - Join Coot, Brown and the Kritters as we tour this wonderful world of ours. This theme is of Kantishna mining camp, Denali National Park, Alaska
A Ghostly Bear (Holidays / 1270 Kb) - Very cute picture of a bear all dressed up as a ghost with his pumkin and goodie bag. Music Monster Mash and 15 additional Halloween Sounds. Enjoy Jeanie
Ghostly Gourds (Holidays / 870 Kb) - From art by one of Americas most beloved artists, Norman Rockwell, this little guy is helping Grandpa carve Jack OLanterns for Halloween. Pumpkin cursors; logos included.
Ghost Bustin (Holidays / 1564 Kb) - A blast from the past for this Halloween Theme Ghost Bustin. Custom wallpaper, icons,cursors, and music by Ray Parker Theme from GHOSTBUSTERS.
Ghost Rider (Fantasy / 137 Kb) - A ghostly man rides his horse.
Ghost Busting (Music / 198 Kb) - Real Ghost PI.I found on line.RAY PARKER JR. sounds,icons,cursors
Twilight Ghosts (Animals / 9510 Kb) - A lighthouse stands high on an island mountian illuminating the ghosts of the water. Includes shareware screen saver. File is large, but worth it. Sounds are of whales and ocean.