Halloween Candy Box.

Wood Pieces:
Back, Front and Sides-1"PineHalloween Candy Box.
Bottom of Box-1/8" Plywood
Ghost's Hands & Cat's Paws-1/4" Pine

Box Measurements:
Front:11-1/2" x 3-1/2"
Bottom: 11-1/2"x 4
Sides: 2-1/2" x 3-1/2"

Delta Ceramcoat Paints
Georgia Clay, Antique white, Black, Autumn Brown, Burgundy Rose, Medium Flesh, Antique Rose, Trail Tan, Burnt Umber.

Supplies Needed:
1/4" and 1" pine, 1/82 plywood, Wood Glue, Nailer, Facial Blush, Acrylic Spray, Homespun, Natural Sea sponge, Old toothbrush, Black woodcraft markers(.5mm and 6mm), Stylus.

 Painting  Instructions:
Base the Box with Georgia Clay. Shade with burnt Umber. Base the center of the front of the Box with trail tan. Sponge with antique white. Shade with autumn brown. Paint the outer edge of front with Georgia clay. Shade  with burnt amber. Apply lettering using woodcraft markers. Dots ends of letters with black. Spatter sigh with black. Base the Ghost with antique white. Shade with autumn brown. Paint nose and dot eyes with black. Apply mouth and eyebrows with the .5mm marker. Apply cheeks using the facial blush. Dot cheeks with antique white. Base the cats with black. Highlight with a mix of antique white and a drop of trail tan. Paint nose with antique rose. Apply cheeks with a mix of medium flesh and  a drop of burgundy rose. Paint whiskers and mouth with mix of trail tan and antique white.

Glue on the hands and paws using wood glue. Position pieces of Boxes secure using a  nailer. Lightly spray the box with  acrylic spray.( This will protect the box and seal in the cheeks on the ghost. Now, the most important part.. Fill the box with your favourite candy and enjoy!!.

Pattern Piece 1
Pattern piece 2.

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