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Desktop Themes with Fathers Day

Take Me Out To The Ballgame PreviewTake Me Out To The Ballgame (Miscellaneous / 146 Kb) - cute theme for fathers day.icons.cursors,baseball song.

The Greatest Player PreviewThe Greatest Player (Miscellaneous / 98 Kb) - Kenny Rogers sounds,icons,cursors.nice for fathers day

Daddys Little Girl PreviewDaddys Little Girl (Holidays / 814 Kb) - This is for all of the Daddies who have little girls (no matter thier age). Happy Fathers Day

Angel In My Eyes PreviewAngel In My Eyes (Fantasy / 110 Kb) - Theme includes active and inactive papers, active has a lake applet, includes Logo screens and fun puzzle. sounds from the song Your An Angel In My Eyes, a hotbar, winamp skins, Os Stationary and a saver are available

Better Man PreviewBetter Man (Miscellaneous / 191 Kb) - nice dad and son pict.from,cursors great Vince Gill song.easy install

Smug Teddy PreviewSmug Teddy (Miscellaneous / 569 Kb) - Well this is definitely how my hubby looked after Fathers Day lunch. This ones so big he fills your whole screen and perhaps your heart.

Thanks Guys PreviewThanks Guys (Miscellaneous / 592 Kb) - Well this is how all fathers who were spoilt rotten should have looked on Fathers Day.

Bait n Tackle PreviewBait n Tackle (Holidays / 1.03 Kb) - Not for just Fathers day but for the fishermen of the family all year round, includes Logo screens and fun puzzle, hotbar available

Me and Dad Through The Years PreviewMe and Dad Through The Years (Holidays / 2359 Kb) - A beautiful Fathers Day theme that features the great song \"Through the Years\" by Kenny Rogers. To all you fathers out there -- enjoy!

Father_Dad PreviewFather_Dad (Miscellaneous / 541 Kb) - A wonderful poem for your Dad\s desktop. Sounds, Icons, Start and Shutdown screens.

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