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Desktop Themes with Fathers Day

Fishing With Dad PreviewFishing With Dad (Art / 1008 Kb) - Wonderful painting by Ronald Lewis of some the the things you might go fishing with your dad with. Music by Holly Dunn, Daddys Hands. Enjoy Jeanie

Work Time Play Time PreviewWork Time Play Time (Miscellaneous / 905 Kb) - What a great picture of some of things in our lives that we work with and play around with. Music by the Vougues, 5 OClock World. Enjoy Darlene

Grandpa Daddy PreviewGrandpa Daddy (Holidays / 1209 Kb) - Dear Grandpa bear, anyone can be a father, but it takes alot more to be my daddy. Happy Fathers Day from baby bear. Sounds are from the song He didnt have to be. Logos and puzzle screensaver are included.

Dad PreviewDad (Holidays / 867 Kb) - Celebrate Fathers Day with a theme for Dad. Original wallpaper by Irene using a great fractal by Joan. Has a bouncing baseball screensaver, thanks to Donatella. She does beautiful work.

Dads Rule PreviewDads Rule (Holidays / 4071 Kb) - Includes original 1024x768 or 800x600 high color wallpaper, screensave, icons, system sounds, cursors, start and shutdown screens.

Dad Happy Fathers Day PreviewDad Happy Fathers Day (Holidays / 933 Kb) - Wonderful picture from a greeting card of a few things your dad might of used like an Old Fashion razor, shaving cups, safty razor and mirror. Music by Slim Whitman, That Silver Haired Daddy. Enjoy Jeanie

Fathers Day Wishs PreviewFathers Day Wishs (Holidays / 1024 Kb) - Wonderful picture of a few things your Dad might like to have this Fathers Day. Music by Slim Whitman, That Silver Hair Daddy Of Mine. Enjoy Jeanie

Fathers Day PreviewFathers Day (Holidays / 1225 Kb) - Wonderful picture of a desk filled with books a canno and a pipe. Music by Paul McCartney and Wings, Listen To What The Man Saids. Enjoy Jeanie

Father Your Special PreviewFather Your Special (Holidays / 1020 Kb) - Wonderful picture of a mans book rack with a few items you father might have at home in his bookcase. Like an old camara, antique car, globe, some old books and a few more items. Music by Holly Dunn, Daddys Hands. Enjoy Jeanie

Father Its Time PreviewFather Its Time (Holidays / 1177 Kb) - Wonderful picture of a father in a pin stripe suit, looking at his pocket watch. Music by Rickey Van Shelton, Keep It Between The Lines. Enjoy Jeanie

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