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Desktop Themes with Fathers Day

Father And Son Fly Fishing PreviewFather And Son Fly Fishing (People / 840 Kb) - What a wonderful way to spend time with your son, then a full day on the river trying to catch that special fish. Music by The Browns, That Little Boy Of Mine. Enjoy Darlene

Daddys Hands PreviewDaddys Hands (People / 871 Kb) - This is a wonderful and simple painting of a child placing her little hand inside her fathers strong large hand. Music by Holly Dunn, Daddys Hands. Enjoy Jeanie

Family Night PreviewFamily Night (People / 798 Kb) - Listen to the soft sweet sound of rustling water in this picture of a mother, father and child spending a day fishing at the creek. Music by Sly And The Family Stone, Family Affair. Enjoy, Darlene

Dads Gift PreviewDads Gift (People / 781 Kb) - This is a wonderful painting by martinsally, of a very sharp looking red sports car, and maybe your Dads hoping hell get one this Fathers Day. Music by Ronnie And The Daltonas, Little GTO. Enjoy Jeanie

Fathers Day-Fathers Love PreviewFathers Day-Fathers Love (Holidays / 950 Kb) - Fathers can be solitary mountains, all their love rock-like, steep, and strong. Renato Guttoso wallpaper, original icons, cursors, font, startup screen and sounds. No matter where we go Father, were not alone, for you remain within to still our fears and be the word that tells us who we are.

Cheering The Champs PreviewCheering The Champs (People / 522 Kb) - This is a wonderful Norman Rockwell painting of a father and son sharing a wonderful time together as they cheer on their favorite sports team. From my screen saver Fathers, which is a seperate download. Music by Elton John, Father And Son. Enjoy Jeanie

Abiding PreviewAbiding (Holidays / 800 Kb) - Rest in perfect peace in your fathers hands. For Fathers Day or any day, a wonderful picture of perfect trust. Original wallpaper by Irene, theme has cursors,icons and sounds. Wallpaper also available.

Dad and Me PreviewDad and Me (Holidays / 4503 Kb) - This theme was inspired by my youngest son. It includes logos, sounds, webs, icons and a cursor. Happy Fathers Day.

A Single Dad PreviewA Single Dad (Miscellaneous / 537 Kb) - This wonderful theme reminds on times when even Dads were filled with childhood dreams.Theme cont. a song and 3 logos.Also has a screensaver and hotbar.

He Didnt Have to Be PreviewHe Didnt Have to Be (Holidays / 3300 Kb) - He Didnt Have to Be is a great Fathers Day theme with matching logo screens, puzzle, and stationery. Sounds are by Brad Paisley. Be sure to download the matching screensaver. Enjoy!

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