Dancing Lion 
or Dragon Toy

Make a dancing paper lion or dragon toy for Chinese New Year.

Traditionally, on Chinese New Year, two people wear a huge lion or dragon costume and dance. This toy is a tiny paper version of this traditional puppet.


  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue, tape
  • 2 wooden barbeque skewers (or 2 straws or disposable chopsticks)
  • Optional glitter, feathers
Draw thehead and tail of a lion or dragon on a piece of paper.
Cut the head and tail out and decorate with bright colors.

Optional: Decorate with glitter and feathers.

Fold a piece of paper in half the long way. Cut along the fold line, making two long rectangles.
Fold each piece of paper up like an accordion. Glue or tape the two pieces together, forming one long piece that will be the animal's body.
Glue or tape one end of the body to the head. Glue or tape the other end of the body to the tail.


Tape one skewer (or straw) to the head and the other skewer (or straw) onto the tail.

You now have a dragon or lion that can dance for Chinese New Year.



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