Concertina Chinese Dragon

You will need:

Red stiff paper 
Small pieces of black, white, green card
Yellow crÍpe paper
2 straws or thin plant sticks

Cut out a piece of red card 20cm x 6cm and 2 pieces of yellow crÍpe paper 20cm x 3cm and 2 pieces 6cm x 3cm.

Glue the long side of one of the large pieces of yellow crÍpe along the long side of the red paper, overlapping by 1cm. Repeat with the other large piece of crÍpe on the other side. This is so that when the dragon is held up it will be neat on both sides.

When the glue has dried, fold the joined paper every 1cm alternate ways to form a concertina as shown. Glue the two shorter pieces of crÍpe along either side of one of the shorter sides of the card.

(At this point you could glue or tape one of the straws or sticks to one side of the paper, before gluing the second short fringe over the top to hide the top of the straw/stick.

Then cut the crÍpe into a fringe all the way around the two sides.

On a piece of red card draw a dragon head shape as shown, based around a 3cm radius circle. Cut the shape out and use it as a template to cut out another.

Place the two heads with noses touching and decorate with ears, eyes, nostrils and a small yellow fringe around the bottom of the head. Add two even smaller fringes around each eye to look like eye lashes. Leave to dry.

Glue or tape one of the straws or canes to the short end of the dragon's body without the fringe. Glue the body then on the inside, to the back end of one of the heads. Then glue the other head shape on top to enclose the cane and completely join the body to the head. If you haven't already glued or taped the tail end straw into place do so now.  


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