Victorian Desktop Themes for your PC

Victorias Secret (Places / 1.09 Kb) - GO WILD! With Coot, Brown n the never know which corner of the world well end up in next! This theme, we e at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
VictorianStPatrick (Holidays / 481 Kb) - Victorian St.Patricks theme is just that.. with the colors and beauty of the era gone by. Enjoy this Holiday theme.
VictorianShamrock (Holidays / 573 Kb) - Victorian Shamrock theme is just that.. with the colors and beauty of the era gone by. Enjoy this Holiday theme.
Victorian Valentine (Holidays / 993 Kb) - Victorian Valentine theme includes Victorian Angel wallpaper, animated cursors, original icons, shutdown and startup screen, etc. Best viewed 1024 x 768 16 bit high color.
Victorian Fourth of July (Holidays / 679 Kb) - Handmade background and icons using Victorian era cards. All Win98 web elements. Animated startup and shutdown screens.
VictorianChild (Holidays / 580 Kb) - This adorable child posing with her flowers is another in the Victorian Collection that I wanted to share with you.., Soft peach , beige colors
Victorian Santa (Holidays / 574 Kb) - Victorian Santa is for the Victorian lover who wants the christmas in the colorful array that some Victorian pictures give you.. A bit busy but very pretty in the Christmas colors..
Old Victorian Santa (Holidays / 352 Kb) - Old Victorian Santa is for the Victorian lover who enjoys the colors of Victorian prints. It is a beautiful print with the gold and red of Christmas, Victorian style..
Victorian Yuletide (Holidays / 1231 Kb) - These Victorian Christmas stockings are cheerful and pretty on your desktop. The music is Greensleeves. Startup/Shutdown screens. Screen saver with music. Easy install.
Victorian Thanksgiving (Holidays / 1290000 Kb) - Victorian/traditional Thanksgiving, sounds are a mixture of effects and music from Appalachian Spring, lots of pumpkins and turkeys with a few pilgrims thrown in for good measure.
Victorian Garden (Fantasy / 653 Kb) - This Victorian Scene is of an era when gentleman came calling. The colors are striking and a beautiful mixture of time gone by.
Victorian Angel (Holidays / 473 Kb) - This Victorian Angel is beatuiful and something different to have on your Screen. If you like angels she is yours. With holiday Soft colors .
A Hot Victoria Theme (People / 2.76 Kb) - A very hot theme of Victoria made with the best stuff i could find with lots of extras! I hope you like it.
Victorian Garden (Art / 1386 Kb) - A beautiful garden we all wish we had at our home. Peaceful and fragrant looking. Hummingbird saver with transparent background incl. Kinkade of course. MistODark
Victorian Mom (People / 1591 Kb) - Very beautiful picture of a little girl giving her mother flowers. Music Sweet Dreams plus 10 more sounds. Animated rose cursors and icons. Matchs my screen saver Victorian Ladies. Created by JEANIE
Victorian Child (Miscellaneous / 742 Kb) - A lovely pciture of a Victorian children. Hey, thats when kids were children.
A Victorian 4th of July (Holidays / 867 Kb) - Victorian memorabilia flood your desktop for the July 4 holiday and beyond. Original icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar and winamp available separately.
Victorian Lights (Miscellaneous / 770 Kb) - Thomas Kinkade\s latest lighthouse art shows the lightkeeper\s home as grand as the lighthouse, even to the gazebo overlooking the sea.
Victorian Hat Box (Miscellaneous / 663 Kb) - I just love this theme, the old fashioned hat box, the faded photos and the lovely flowers. Nostalgic and memories of an era long gone.
Victorian Lady (Art / 989 Kb) - Here is a new idea with an old fashioned look. The wallpaper has beautiful Victorian roses and an elegant lady of that period featured on it. 1024x768 size wallpaper available by request. Matching Logo files, cursors, and icons included.
Victorian Red Hats (Miscellaneous / 1017 Kb) - Request from a member of the Red Hat Society, this theme features a Victorian lady properly attired in her purple dress red hat. Matching saver is available separately, which contains a variety red hats flowing about. Sounds from Claire de Lune.
Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas (Holidays / 1918 Kb) - EZTHEMES Top 10 list 5 days in a row This stunning Thomas Kinkade Christmas theme will illuminate your desktop with holiday spirit Awsome matching screensaver include. Has animated 3D pictures, falling 3D snowflakes, and more. Easy install. Merry Christmas from Inspired Creations
Victorian Santa Globe (Holidays / 1265 Kb) - This theme is for Sally, and is based on the requested wallpaper of the same name. The sounds are from Loreena Mckennits version of Coventry Carol. Matching Logo files, cursors, and icons included.
A Victorian Christmas (Holidays / 2568 Kb) - An old fashioned image of a family bringing home all the Christmas goodies. All custom ingredients. Sound events are from In Dulci Jubilo sung by the London Oriana Choir. Free trial screensaver included.
Victorian Home (Places / 1029 Kb) - Wonderful picture of a Victorian Home in the background of very beautiful flowers and some butterflys. Music by Henery Mancini, Annies Song. Enjoy Darlene
Victorian Mansion (Places / 1172 Kb) - Beautiful painting of a Victorian Mansion in the background of some very pretty flowers and butterfly. Music Summer Place. Enjoy Darlene