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Mans Best Friend sice Time Immemorial

Dogs we Love

Dog Owner's Guide 
Looking for a dog owner's guide? Guide for all breeds of dogs, health and training information, with bookstore and mall.
Dogz One 
Your first stop for dogs on the 'net.
I-Love-Dogs Dog resources including email, web sites, chat, and other associated information.
FAQ from rec.pets.dogs
Rec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) offers frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer general questions about dogs. These are the most up-to-date master copies.

The Poop.com

Message boards, expert advice, photo contests and classifieds.
Dogs from About
Find out the latest in training, grooming, breeding, feeding, and just about every other aspect of owning and loving a pooch.
A fun guide to dog breeds, including Our Canine Friends -- a club for juniors -- plus Dogs for Kids. Learn how to choose a breed.
Dogs Worldwide 
Online magazine is a source of information and a marketplace for the canine world.
The Dogpatch
Emphasizing canine sports and training. Also featuring a directory of other interesting dog sites to visit, categorized by topic.

Digital Dog
Information about breeds, adopting a dog, understanding behavior, and stories.
Puppy Chow 
Puppy nutrition information, a breed guide, and training tips.
Dog Infomat 
Assists dog enthusiasts, owners and those considering dog ownership, by providing original, quality, noncommercial information plus access to related resources.
An online community of dog hobbyists, businesses, keepers, breeders, and organizations. Chat rooms, classifieds, feature pages, and forums. Part of the PetHobbyist community.
Virtual Dog Show 
The Virtual Dog Show is open to any dog of any breed, and features specialty matches judged by dog experts, with sponsor-donated prizes.
Focus on dogs in Italy, with events calendar, breeders list, clubs. In Italian and English.
Regular dog chat sessions, a health forum, dog show information and more for dog breeders and lovers.

Professor Hunt's Dog Page
List of links reviewed by the author accompanied by regularly updated editorials on dog issues.

Barking Buddies 
Dog pictures, online games, chat rooms, stories about dogs, penpals and lots more!
Professional Dog Networks 
Offering a breeders', handlers', and health network.
Der Hund - The Dog - Le Chien  
A magazine, photo galleries, breed information, breeder ads and a searchable database of dog related sites.
iVillage Pet Channel - Dogs  
Dog care fun, facts, and community for dog and puppy owners.

Internet guide and search engine dedicated to the care and raising of dogs.
Overviews general dog information including their senses, anatomy, preparation for a new dog and more.
World Wide Web of Dogs  
Links to web sites devoted to dogs.
Bark Bytes 
A canine cyber-magazine plus a wealth of links.
Dog Logic 
Articles on dog obedience training, feeding, for large dogs especially.
Do You Look Like Your Dog?  
Enter this photo contest and you might end up in a book by the same name. Or just browse through the entries and see dozens of pictures of dogs and their people.
All About Dogs  
A comprehensive site presenting information on basic training and competitive obedience, the United Kennel Club, agility, dog humor and K-9 photos.
Cam Directory, free e-mail address, discussion forums, and on-line store.
The Dog's Best Friend
Dog breeders, responsible dog owners, kids and dogs, all breeds, dog parks, dog law, dog behavior, dog training, dog award, education on dog issues.
The Dog Scene  
Information covering probably every aspect of getting and owning a dog, whether for pet, show, or breeding, and breed information.
Informative articles for the performance dog enthusiast.
Dog FAQ  
Collection of usenet FAQs, including dog behavior, training, and supplies.
Dogs Are Gods  
Find everything you want to know about dogs, especially how to make them happy.
Information on dog breeds, puppies, dog newsgroups and chatrooms, dog health, pet supplies, dog names and dog humor.
All K-9 Info Net 
Educational site, updated monthly. Get a free gift for visiting.
For Dog Lovers Everywhere  
Pet dog stories, poems, humor, health information, rescue, tips, FAQ, poll, and links.
Details on shows and all that is canine. Links to other sites including UK quarantine regulations.
Show results, breed descriptions, genetic, behaviour, immunization, breeding, and other dog related information.
K9 Online - Dogs & Nothing But Dogs  
The U.K's dog portal with dog news, names, care, breeders, groomers, dog services, chat and more. All things K9.
Dogs India 
About dogs, breeds - especially native Indian breeds - , animal welfare organizations, dog health, and puppy care. Classified ads for breeders, boarding kennels and other dog related businesses.
Taking the Lead with Gill Minter  
Advice on behavioural and training issues, run by Gill Minter, UK Dog behaviouralist. Also, information on health issues, dog facts, dog humor, a doggie gallery and bulletin boards.
Puppy breed selector, puppy advice, and tips. Breeder directory and current dog news.
a2z of Pets - Dogs  
Information on health, training, behavior, nutrition and breeds. Classified ads. Focus on Indian dog breeds.
Discover Dogs  
Exhibition in London, organised by The Kennel Club. Information about the exhibition, as well as about the choice, care and training of every breed of dog.
Dog Information and Facts  
Facts on dogs, breeds, anatomy, life span, diseases and history.
The K-9 Information Network  
For all those who love dogs. Educational, and fun.
Allsorts' Dog Pictures  
An archive of dog pictures, breed history, temperament information, links, and jokes for a variety of canines.
Crazy for Dogs  
Articles, postcards, games, photos, a dog of the week -- all for celebrating your dog.
Discussion boards, articles and links about dogs.
The Bow-Wow Web Ring  
Web ring for dog-related sites.