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Birds have inspired men to touch the skies since time immemorial. Come lets fly together.

The Avian Kingdom

The Aviary 
An information resource for birds. Offers articles, information, and links for pet birds and birding.

Pet Bird -
Comprehensive site by Up At Six with articles, avian artwork, associations and mailing lists. Lists with online suppliers of bird products, aviaries and sanctuaries.

Bird Click 
Clicker training facts and why to use it for birds. Teaching tricks and how to solve problem behaviors. Also having an e-mail discussion group.
First Internet Bird Club 
Offers information on various species, including parrots and softbills. Has message boards and chat areas.
Birds and Pets -
Has information about pet birds, breeder birds, and bird toys, also bird shows, bird marts, and bird fairs in Teaxs. Also has listing of parrots and birds for sale.

Cleaning tips, recipes, and health information, weekly progress of a parrot chick, also providing bird supplies.
Christine's Free Bird Clipart at About.com 
Hundreds of free bird clipart images for you to use. Holidays, animations plus birds arranged by type of bird.
National Cage Bird Show Club 
Dedicated to promoting the bird fancy. Information on future shows, membership, previous Kellogg winners, and has show photos.

Aurora Parakeets, Poultry and Doves 
Stories and pictures of their birds and chickens with tips on diet, health care, breeding and training.

Information about his bird keeping and breeding. Covering canaries, softbills, seed-eaters, pionus, and pet owls.
Nancy Kobert's Amazing World of Birds Show 
Spokesperson and live animals/birds available for presentations and appearances, committed to education through entertainment.
Cage Birds 
For owners and breeders of birds like finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, and other hookbills. Basic facts, list of toxic or harmful plants and other resources for bird owners and breeders.
Jim's Collections
This site is filled with things that bring beauty, joy, and wonder into my life. My world is filled with beautiful sights, sounds, and smells. Here you will find a little about me, my family, and friends. I'll show you some of the hobbies that bring happiness to my life.
List on avian veterinarians, bird clubs, and fairs in US. Avian care information and chat. Also free classifieds and links to avian shopping sites.

Todds Birding Page 
General Birding
Mavis Birds
Personal site on their pets, from an african grey to cockatiels and zebra finches.

World of Feathers 
Everything you always wanted to know about feathers.
Gwen's EGGciting Home Page 
See a parrot chick hatch and mature. Lots of species photos and Java Applets.
Birder's Eye
Articles, photos, tips and resources for the wild and caged bird enthusiast.
Conservation Committee of the Aviculture Federation of Australia 
The Conservation Committee welcomes participation by all aviculturists and societies, whether or not affiliated with the AFA.
Just for the Birdz
Information about pet birds in their breeding, care and feeding.
Aviary of Finches, Exotic Doves, Quails and Francolins
Information on the aviary and the birds living in it, first aid, nests, plants, and how to catch birds.
Live Duck Cam
Features Trouble and Mischief, two pekin ducks. Has pictures, and a fun and games area.