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Online Aquarium for Kids

There are houses and houses: wooden houses and brick houses, houses built of snow and houses built of concrete. But the houses whose inhabitants you are going to meet to day is all made of glass, with a glass floor and glass wall. Like the house in the fairytale, it has no windows and no doors ... and it is called an aquarium.

In the aquarium live different fish. There are big ones, bigger than your hand, and little ones, the size of a nail. Most  of them come from hot, tropical countries which not many people have visited. And even for those who can travel there, it is not always easy to make out the fish when  they are swimming free in the water and river, let one observe how they live and multiply. Whereas in the aquarium, we can see everything and by watching the fish we can learn many interesting things about them: how they eat, how they deposit their roe and how they look after their young.